Applications of Nanotechnology in Water Research

by Ajay Kumar Mishra

ISBN: 9781118496305

Binding: Hardback


Beyond the Checkride, Second Edition

by Howard Fried & Gene Gailey

ISBN: 9780071822534

Binding: Paperback / softback


Engineering Innovative Products

A Practical Experience

by Roger Woods, Karen Rafferty, Julian Murphy & others

The book can be used as a course text for senior undergraduates enrolled in product innovation modules within Electrical Engineering and Computing courses, as well as Mechanical Engineering product design/ Capstone courses. The book will be of ...

ISBN: 9781118757734

Binding: Paperback / softback


Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life

by Fadia Ankit

Our phones, computers and tablets are getting more powerful - but how many of us know the ways to get the most out of them? This book will help you in achieving the same. Send an email in the future Fake an incoming call on your mobile phone ...

ISBN: 9780143419709

Binding: Paperback / softback


Geologically Storing Carbon

Learning from the Otway Project Experience


Geologically Storing Carbon provides a detailed account of the CO2CRC Otway Project, one of the most comprehensive demonstrations of the deep geological storage or geosequestration of carbon dioxide undertaken anywhere.

ISBN: 9781486302307

Binding: Hardback


Toward Analytical Chaos in Nonlinear Systems

by Albert C. J. Luo

Analytical Periodic Flows and Chaos in Nonlinear Systems systematically presents a new approach to analytically determine the periodic flows and chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems. The new analytical technique presented in this book is based on ...

ISBN: 9781118658611

Binding: Hardback


Under the Microscope

by Earl Owen

Under the Microscope is the story of an extraordinary man, his many life-changing inventions, and his exceptional life and special friendships. Born into a family of doctors - on the paternal and maternal sides - with a birth defect that no one ...

ISBN: 9780857981196

Binding: Paperback


Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling

by Andrew Baldwin & David Bordoli

The authoritative industry guide on good practice for planning and scheduling in construction This handbook acts as a guide to good practice, a text to accompany learning and a reference document for those needing information on background, best ...

ISBN: 9780470670323

Binding: Paperback / softback


Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest

by University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252036118

Binding: Hardback


Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings 3E

by Stephen Emmitt & Christopher Gorse

Robin Barry's Construction of Buildings was first published in 1958 in 5 volumes, rapidly becoming a standard text on construction. In its current 2 volume format Barry remains hugely popular with both students and lecturers of construction and ...

ISBN: 9781118255421

Binding: Paperback / softback


Essentials of Radiation Heat Transfer

by Balaji

Essentials of Radiation Heat Transfer is a textbook presenting the essential, fundamental information required to gain an understanding of radiation heat transfer and equips the reader with enough knowledge to be able to tackle more challenging ...

ISBN: 9781118908310

Binding: Hardback


Networking and Online Games - Understanding and Engineering Multiplayer Internet Games Devry Pod

by Armitage

ISBN: 9781118702598

Binding: Paperback / softback


GMO Deception

What You Need to Know about the Food, Corporations, and Government Agencies Putting Our Families and Our Environment at Risk

by Professor Sheldon Krimsky, President and Executive Director Jeremy Gruber & Ralph Nader

Seventy-five percent of processed foods on supermarket shelvesfrom soda to soup, crackers to condimentscontain genetically engineered ingredients. The long-term effects of these foods on human health and ecology are still unknown, and public ...

ISBN: 9781628736601

Binding: Hardback


Telecommunications Crash Course, Third Edition

by Steven Shepard

ISBN: 9780071832663

Binding: Paperback / softback


Tears of the Tree

by John Loadman

This unique book tells the fascinating story of four thousand years of rubber - from its significance in Mayan religious rituals and culture to its pivotal role in today's world. It is seen through the lives of the adventurers and scientists who ...

ISBN: 9780198705000

Binding: Paperback / softback


App Only Title - Manually Creating an App Only Title

by Clifford Matthews

ISBN: 9781118743461

Binding: Paperback / softback


Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems, Transportation and Industrial Applications

by Haitham Abu-Rub, Mariusz Malinowski & Kamal Al-Haddad

Compiles current research into the analysis and design of power electronic converters for industrial applications and renewable energy systems, presenting modern and future applications of power electronics systems in the field of electrical ...

ISBN: 9781118634035

Binding: Hardback


Why We Need Nuclear Power

by Michael H. Fox

Nuclear power may just be the most important solution to our search for clean, sustainable energy sources. Although wind and solar can contribute to our energy mix, we need a reliable source to meet large-scale energy demands and break our ...

ISBN: 9780199344574

Binding: Hardback


Advanced Materials for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Safety

by Ashutosh Tiwari

The levels of toxic and microbial contamination in the food and environment are influenced by harvesting or slaughtering technologies and by the processes applied during food manufacture. With current cultivation methods, it is impossible to ...

ISBN: 9781118773437

Binding: Hardback


Mathematical Foundations of Image Processing and Analysis

by Jean-Charles Pinoli

Image processing and image analysis are typically important fields in information science and technology. By “image processing”, we generally understand all kinds of operation performed on images (or sequences of images) in order to ...

ISBN: 9781848215467

Binding: Hardback