Bakery Products Science and Technology 2E

by Weibiao Zhou & Y. H. Hui

While thousands of books on baking are in print aimed at food service operators, culinary art instruction, and consumers, relatively few professional publications exist that cover the science and technology of baking. In Bakery Products Science ...

ISBN: 9781119967156

Binding: Hardback


Combining Pattern Classifiers

Methods and Algorithms, Second Edition

by Ludmila I. Kuncheva

Combined classifiers, which are central to the ubiquitous performance of pattern recognition and machine learning, are generally considered more accurate than single classifiers. In a didactic, detailed assessment, Combining Pattern Classifiers ...

ISBN: 9781118315231

Binding: Hardback


Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life

by Fadia Ankit

Our phones, computers and tablets are getting more powerful - but how many of us know the ways to get the most out of them? Bestselling author Ankit Fadia show you how.. Send an email in the future Fake an incoming call on your mobile phone Catch ...

ISBN: 9780143419709

Binding: Paperback / softback


Introduction to Water Resource Recovery Facility Design, Second Edition

by McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780071850445

Binding: Hardback


Managing Complex Projects and Programs

How to Improve Leadership of Complex Initiatives Using a Third-generation Approach

by R. J. Heaslip

Manage projects and programs with an innovative new framework that rethinks complex endeavors Despite being a major process in PMI's body of knowledge and having its own standard document and certificate designation based on successful experience ...

ISBN: 9781118383018

Binding: Hardback


No. 8 Re-wired: 202 New Zealand Inventions That Changed the World

by Jon and Downs, David Bridges

If necessity is the mother of invention then Kiwi ingenuity is its father. No. 8 Re-wired is a comprehensive, colourful treasury of New Zealand inventions - jam-packed with the stories behind 202 home-grown creations and the crafty people who ...

ISBN: 9780143571957

Binding: Paperback


Reeds Vol 15: Electronics, Navigational Aids and Radio Theory for Electrotechnical Officers

by Steve Richards

Divided into three sections, the book includes the complete syllabus for Electrotechnology Officers as specified by the Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC), with each section providing a series of questions and answers ...

ISBN: 9781408176092

Binding: Paperback


Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

by Jack Moehle

ISBN: 9780071839440

Binding: Hardback


Shigley's Mech Engineering SI Metric

by McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9789814595285

Binding: Paperback


Under the Microscope

by Earl Owen

Under the Microscope is the story of an extraordinary man, his many life-changing inventions, and his exceptional life and special friendships. Born into a family of doctors - on the paternal and maternal sides - with a birth defect that no one ...

ISBN: 9780857981196

Binding: Paperback


Wine Science

The Application of Science in Winemaking

by Jamie Goode

This revolutionary book is the only indepth reference to detail the processes, developments, and factors affecting the science of winemaking. Jamie Goode, a highly regarded expert on winemaking, skilfully opens up this complex subject and ...

ISBN: 9781845338787

Binding: Hardback


Reconnecting the City

the Historic Urban Landscape Approach and the Future of Urban Heritage

by Bandarin

Historic Urban Landscape is a new approach to urban heritage management, promoted by UNESCO, and currently one of the most debated issues in the international preservation community. However, few conservation practitioners have a clear ...

ISBN: 9781118383988

Binding: Paperback


Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper

How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong

by Robert Bryce

In the face of today's environmental and economic challenges, doomsayers preach that the only way to stave off disaster is for humans to reverse course: to de-industrialize, re-localize, reduce consumption and forswear development.

ISBN: 9781610395250

Binding: Paperback


Sustainist Design Guide

"How Sharing, Localism, Connectedness and Proportionality are Creating a New Agenda for Social Design"

by T&H UK Distributed

ISBN: 9789063692834

Binding: Paperback


Cloud Management and Security

by Imad M. Abbadi

This bookdiscusses the foundations of Cloud computing, and covers in detail two main aspects of Cloud computing. The first is on Cloud management, which discusses architectures and Cloud management platform with its benefits and challenges.

ISBN: 9781118817094

Binding: Hardback



Analog Circuits and Design

by Voldman

ISBN: 9781119965183

Binding: Hardback


Advanced Power Electronics Converters

Pwm Converters Processing Ac Voltages

by Euzeli dos Santos & Edison R. da Silva

This book covers power electronics, in depth, by presenting the basic principles and application details, which can be used both as a textbook and reference book. •Introduces a new method to present power electronics converters called Power ...

ISBN: 9781118880944

Binding: Hardback


Mobile Commerce Revolution, The: Business Success in a Wireless World

by Pearson Education Heg USA

The Mobile Commerce Revolution covers everything needed to capitalize on this immense new opportunity — from infrastructure to culture, strategy to tactics. Authored by Tim Hayden, one of the mobile’s pioneering thought leaders, this ...

ISBN: 9780789751546

Binding: Paperback


Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations, Fifth Edition

by Tyler Hicks

ISBN: 9780071821568

Binding: Hardback


The Mechanical Design Process

by David Ullman

ISBN: 9780072975741

Binding: Hardback