Outback Survival

by Bob Cooper

ISBN: 9780733628313

Binding: Paperback


Pacific Odyssey

by Gwenda Cornell

The South Pacific Islands conjure dreams of romantic charm and escape from the pressures of modern life - but is this a true picture of real life on the Islands today? Gwenda Cornell sailed to these Islands to discover the quality of life, ...

ISBN: 9781408173855

Binding: Paperback


The Pop-up Gym How to keep fit wherever you are

by Jon Denoris

Fitness trainer to a host of busy people including actors, TV presenters and politicians, Jon Denoris has created a series of exercises and routines, most of which can be carried out almost anywhere: in the home, at work or outdoors. Hardly any ...

ISBN: 9781408196328

Binding: Paperback


The Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

Harness the Speed and Devastating Force of Jow Ga Kung Fu

by Ronald Wheeler

Shaolin Kung Fu is an indispensible part of every martial artists repertoire. A comprehensive look at Classical Southern Shaolin Boxing, a dynamic martial arts system in its own right and also an excellent supplemental form for mixed martial ...

ISBN: 9780804841948

Binding: Paperback


Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills, Tactics, and Techniques

by Jay Cassell

With deer hunting advice from a wide variety of experts, including Leonard Lee Rue, John Weiss, Peter Fiduccia, Kathy Etling, Monte Burch, and Hal Blood, "The Ultimate Guide to Deer Hunting Skills, Tactics, and Techniques" starts from the ground

ISBN: 9781629144641

Binding: Paperback



Fabulous Fishing Funnies

by Jonny Hawkins

Any fisherman who has ever been annoyed by the braggart fisherman loudly celebrating every single catch or who has ever wondered what goes through the minds of fish as they watch the hook descend upon them will be in good company here.

ISBN: 9781629147505

Binding: Hardback


The Complete Book of the Tour de France

by Feargal McKay

Contained within these pages of this encyclopaedic book is anything anyone could ever need or want to know about the Tour de France. The Tour de France is the greatest public sporting spectacle on earth. For 100 years competitors have ...

ISBN: 9781781312650

Binding: Paperback


The Complete Guide to Functional Training

by Allan Collins

Aswell as being THE concept in fitness and strength and conditioning, functionaltraining is also probably the most poorly understood concept in fitness. Functional training is any exercise thatimproves your ability to perform tasksrequired in ...

ISBN: 9781408152140

Binding: Paperback


The Wild City Book

Fun Things to do Outdoors in Towns and Cities

by Fiona Danks

You don't need to live in the country to have fun outdoors! The Wild City Book is all about finding wild places in the city and making the most of opportunities to explore and enjoy all these places have to offer. You can have fun ...

ISBN: 9780711234888

Binding: Paperback


Trout Fishing in the Catskills

by Ed Van Put

"Succeeds at both fishing and history." Kaatskill... ...

ISBN: 9781602390492

Binding: Hardback



The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach--Here''s How It Will Go Down

by Dr Philip Maffetone

What will it take to run a marathon in less than two hours? Who will become marathon running's Roger Bannister and smash this elusive record? How will this runner achieve the historical feat that will make headlines everywhere? Will it be a ...

ISBN: 9781629148175

Binding: Hardback


Jeet Kune Do

The Arsenal of Self-Expression

by Teri Tom

Teri Tom, the "top student" of Bruce Lee's protege Ted Wong, returns to the world of Jeet Kune Do with her new book, Jeet Kune Do: The Arsenal of Self-Expression. In a natural progression from her first work, The Straight Lead, ...

ISBN: 9780804839327

Binding: Paperback


Upgrading Your Boat''s Interior

by Mike Westin

In this series of highly practical, step-by-step photographic manuals, Upgrading Your Boat's Interior shows boatowners how to improve their boat's living space in terms of comfort, functionality and convenience.After just a few years, cabins can

ISBN: 9781408132951

Binding: Paperback


Collecting Fishing Tackle: a Beginner''s Guide


With the phenomenal growth of interest in collecting old fashioned tackle, this book is the first no-nonsense guide to this fascinating hobby and is a 'must' for every collector and fisherman alike. 50 b/w photos ...

ISBN: 9780948253683

Binding: Paperback


Facing Michael Jordan

Players Recall the Greatest Basketball Player Who Ever Lived

by Kent MCDILL

Relive the magic of the greatest player to ever step on the court. "Air Jordan," "His Airness," "MJ." Whatever you call him, Michael Jeffrey Jordan can be considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. During his career, Jordan ...

ISBN: 9781613217092

Binding: Hardback


Skipper vs Crew / Crew vs Skipper

by Tim Davison

Skippers and crew have very different agenda, and nowhere does it become more evident than in their secret innermost - but not very often expressed - thoughts about the other.This brilliantly original humour giftbook has two beginnings. Opened ...

ISBN: 9781408154137

Binding: Paperback


The Weather Handbook An Essential Guide to How Weather is Formed and Develops

by Alan Watts

The Weather Handbook is the essential guide to how the weather is formed, providing readers with the ability to look at the sky and interpret its signs, and combine this knowledge with information provided by professional forecasts to assess for

ISBN: 9781472905499

Binding: Paperback


Girls'' Bicycle Handbook, The

by Caz Nicklin

ISBN: 9781782064626

Binding: Paperback


Letters to a Young Gymnast

The Art of Mentoring

by Nadia Comaneci

A unique glimpse into the remarkable life, and fascinating mindset, of the woman who broke records-and boundaries-for female athletes everywhere ...

ISBN: 9780465025053

Binding: Paperback