24/7 Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep

by Jonathan Crary

24/7 explores some of the ruinous consequences of the expanding, non-stop processes of twenty-first-century capitalism. The marketplace now operates twenty-four hours of every day and demands our constant activity, eroding forms of community, ...

ISBN: 9781781683101

Binding: Paperback / softback


Drugs 2.0 The Web Revolution That's Changing How the World Gets High

by Mike Power

A few years ago, deals were done in dimly-lit side streets or on the phone via a friend of a friend. Today, you can order every conceivable pill or powder with the click of a mouse. But the online market in narcotics isn't just changing the way ...

ISBN: 9781846274602

Binding: Paperback / softback


Fashion and Museums Theory and Practice

by Riegels Melchior

Why is fashion in fashion in museums today? This timely volume brings together expert scholars and curators to examine the reasons behind fashion's popularity in the twenty-first century museum and the impact this has had on wider museum ...

ISBN: 9781472527660

Binding: Paperback / softback


Generation Next

by Susanna Chamberlain, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton & Heather Anderson

Generation Next: Becoming Socially Enterprising is also available as an e-book.Generation Next: Becoming Socially Enterprising  opens the door to the possibilities of social enterprise, harnessing students idealism and desire to make a ...

ISBN: 9780195527896

Binding: Paperback / softback


Management and Practice in Health and Human Service Organisations

by Lynda Berends & Karen Crinall

Management and Practice in Health and Human Service Organisations is also available as an e-book.Management and Practice in Health and Human Service Organisations helps students, leaders and practitioners build a comprehensive foundation of the ...

ISBN: 9780195524154

Binding: Paperback / softback


Teaching in Social Work: An Educator's Guide to Theory and Practice

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231115247

Binding: Hardback


The Food History Reader Primary Sources

by Ken Albala

With the proliferation of food history courses and avid interest among scholars and the general public, the need for a solid comprehensive collection of key primary texts about food of the past is urgent. This collection spans the globe from ...

ISBN: 9780857854131

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Inner Life of the Dying Person

by Allan Kellehear

ISBN: 9780231167857

Binding: Paperback / softback


1960s Britain


Harold Wilsons promise of a New Britain and the ending of economic privilege, the abolition of poverty in the midst of plenty and the creation of real equality of opportunity heralded unprecedented social and cultural changes which characterized ...

ISBN: 9780747812852

Binding: Paperback


Bangladesh's Changing Mediascape: From State Control to Market Forces

by Brian Shoesmithand Jude William Genilo

ISBN: 9781841504735

Binding: Hardback


Rich Kids of Instagram

by The Creator of Rich Kids of Instagram Sl

ISBN: 9781476764061

Binding: Paperback / softback


Sociologists in Action on Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

by Jonathan M White and Kathleen Odell Korgen & Shelley K White

ISBN: 9781452242026

Binding: Paperback / softback


Capital Accumulation and Migration

by Dennis C. Canterbury

An important and ground breaking work on the importance of migration in the context of development studies.

ISBN: 9781608463428

Binding: Paperback / softback


Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell) My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement

by Jane McAlevy

In 1995, in the first contested election in the history of the AFL-CIO, John Sweeney won the presidency of the nation's largest labor federation, promising renewal and resurgence. Today, less than 7 percent of American private-sector workers ...

ISBN: 9781781683156

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Narrative Practitioner

by Beres L.

ISBN: 9781137005472

Binding: Paperback / softback


American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics

by Savage Dan

From the moment he began writing his syndicated sex-advice column, Savage Love, Dan Savage has never been shy about expressing his opinion on controversial topics - political or otherwise. Now he addresses issues ranging from parenting and the ...

ISBN: 9780142181003

Binding: Paperback / softback


Gender and the Long Postwar: The United States and the Two Germanys, 1945-1989

by Karen Hagemann and Sonya Michel

ISBN: 9781421414133

Binding: Paperback


The Critique of Everyday Life The One Volume Edition

by Henri Lefebvre

Henri Lefebvre's three-volume Critique of Everyday Life is perhaps the richest, most prescient work by one of the twentieth century's greatest philosophers. Written at the birth of post-war consumerism, the Critique was a philosophical ...

ISBN: 9781781683170

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Society of Timid Souls Or, How to be Brave

by Polly Morland

This book is a modern investigation of an ancient virtue, inspired by a group for stage-frightened musicians in 1940s Manhattan. Coinciding with the terrifying height of World War Two, it was called The Society of Timid Souls. Seventy years ...

ISBN: 9781846685149

Binding: Paperback / softback


Him & Me

by Whitehall Jack & Whitehall Michael

A father and son remember it all. Differently.Jack and Michael Whitehall have a slightly unusual relationship. Michael, a highly successful agent to stars of stage and screen and a father late in life, wanted to instil in Jack the importance of ...

ISBN: 9781405911375

Binding: Paperback / softback