by Josh Weisberg

Each of us, right now, is having a unique conscious experience. Nothing is more basic to our lives as thinking beings and nothing, it seems, is better known to us. But the ever-expanding reach of natural science suggests that everything in our ...

ISBN: 9780745653457

Binding: Paperback / softback


Dsm-5 in Action

by John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)

Full exploitation of the DSM-5 allows for more comprehensive care By demystifying the DSM-5, author Sophia Dziegielewski goes beyond the traditional diagnostic assessment and suggests both treatment plans and practice strategy. She covers the ...

ISBN: 9781118136737

Binding: Paperback


Evidence-based Practice and Intellectual Disabilities

by Peter Sturmey & Robert Didden

Evidence-Based Practice and Intellectual Disabilities responds to the recent increased focus on, and need for, the use of evidence-based practice (EBP) in treating intellectual disabilities. The first book wholly dedicated to addressing EBP ...

ISBN: 9780470710692

Binding: Paperback / softback


Girls In Tears (MP3)

by Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

The fourth and final instalment in the bestselling Girls series.The girls are back but they're not very happy! Ellie's glorious romance with Russell is teetering on the rocks. Magda's lost her pet and is desperately upset (though the others ...

ISBN: 9781486232178

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Happiness By Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life

by Penguin UK

How can we make it easier to be happy? In Happiness by Design, Professor Paul Dolan brings the latest cutting-edge research in behavioural science together with the current evidence on happiness to create a new route to happiness - it's not just ...

ISBN: 9780241183816

Binding: Paperback


Helping People with Eating Disorders

A Clinical Guide to Assessment and Treatment

by Bob Palmer

Up-to-date and accessible, the second edition of Helping People with Eating Disorders is a comprehensive guide to understanding, assessing, and treating eating disorders. Focuses on evidence-based practice with references to the latest research ...

ISBN: 9781118606698

Binding: Paperback / softback


Sex Offender Treatment

A Case Study Approach to Issues and Interventions

by Wilcox

Sex Offender Treatment is an innovative case study-based guide to the treatment of sexual offenders, offering direct access to the insights and experience of experts in the field. The book describes case formulations, assessment processes, and ...

ISBN: 9781118674413

Binding: Hardback


Solution-Focused Practice

by Macmillan Science & Educ. UK

ISBN: 9780230359123

Binding: Paperback



by John Wiley & Sons (UK)

What is childhood? In recent years, a cluster of critical and complex ideas have emerged around the nature of biological, social and psychological growth in the early years, reflecting the changing nature of adult - child relations, and political ...

ISBN: 9780745662343

Binding: Hardback


Girls Out Late (MP3)

by Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

The third instalment in the bestselling Girls series for older readers, featuring best friends Ellie, Nadine and Magda.Ellie has a boyfriend! And he's really, truly interested in her not in her best friends, Magda and Nadine! She and ...

ISBN: 9781486232215

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

How to Become a More Effective Cbt Therapist

Mastering Metacompetence in Clinical Practice

by Adrian Whittington & Nick Grey

How to Become a More Effective CBT Therapist explains and illustrates ways to sensitively adapt and adjustevidence-based CBT techniques to address the everyday challenges of real-world clinical work. A major new text in CBT, enabling readers to ...

ISBN: 9781118468357

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders

by Paul Emmelkamp & Thomas Ehring

This two-volume, state-of-the-art Handbook on the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders is the most internationally and clinically oriented Handbook currently available, encompassing a broad network of researchers, from leading ...

ISBN: 9781118775356

Binding: Hardback


Mindfulness and Schema Therapy

A Practical Guide

by Michiel van Vreeswijk, Jenny Broersen & Ger Schurink

Mindfulness and Schema Therapy presents an eight-session + two follow up sessions protocol for schema mindfulness for therapists and their patients. Represents the first book to integrate the theory of schema therapy with the techniques of ...

ISBN: 9781118753170

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Training, Development, and Performance Improvement

by Kraiger

The latest Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Psychologyuses a psychological perspective, and a uniquely global focus, to review the latest literature and research in the interconnected fields of training, development, and performance ...

ISBN: 9781118737019

Binding: Hardback


What is a Child?: Childhood, Psychoanalysis, and Discourse

by Michael Plastow

ISBN: 9781780490557

Binding: Paperback


Social Psychology for Dummies

by Daniel Richardson

Written for psychology students, Social Psychology For Dummies is an accessible and entertaining introduction to the field. Social Psychology For Dummies follows a typical university course, which makes it the perfect reference if you're in need ...

ISBN: 9781118770542

Binding: Paperback / softback


Therapeutic Relationship Handbook

by McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780335264827

Binding: Paperback


Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology

by Macmillan Science & Educ. USA

ISBN: 9780716772736

Binding: Paperback


Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Second Edition

by John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)

A concise guide to the fundamentals of child psychopathology, complete with the latest developments Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Second Edition provides a concise, accessible overview of the major theories, assessment ...

ISBN: 9781118840191

Binding: Paperback