Bedrooms of the Fallen

by Ashley Gilbertson

ISBN: 9780226066868

Binding: Hardback


Digital SLR Handbook

by John Freeman

The digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera is now the must-have camera for all serious amateur photographers. Whether you already own one or are thinking of making the move from a point-and-shoot digital camera or a film SLR, this practical ...

ISBN: 9780007436286

Binding: Hardback


Humans of New York

by Brandon Stanton

Now an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, Humans of New York began in the summer of 2010, when photographer Brandon Stanton set out to create a photographic census of New York City. Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, ...

ISBN: 9781250038821

Binding: Hardback



by Richard Mosse

ISBN: 9781597112024

Binding: Hardback


Mind Mgmt Volume 1: The Manager

by Random House US

Reporting on a commercial flight where everyone aboard lost their memories, a young journalist stumbles onto a much bigger story, the topsecret Mind Management program. Her ensuing journey involves weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, ...

ISBN: 9781595827975

Binding: Hardback


Science and Fiction


The fourth book from the highly esteemed Royal College of Art Photography Department, Science and Fiction gathers together 20 young international artists whose work engages with cultural notions of science and fiction. Highly illustrated, the ...

ISBN: 9781908966506

Binding: Paperback / softback


Street Photography Manual

by David Gibson

ISBN: 9780500291306

Binding: Paperback / softback


Back to the Future


We're all aware of getting older and may obsess over how our bodies gradually change with the years. Have you ever wanted to step back a few years and reconnect with a younger self? Would it be amusing or just plain creepy? Back to the Future is ...

ISBN: 9783832797263

Binding: Hardback


Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000

by Doug Menuez

ISBN: 9781476752693

Binding: Hardback


Find It in Everything

by Drew Barrymore

''I have always loved hearts,'' writes acclaimed actress Drew Barrymore in the foreword to this heartwarming gift book. ''The way that continuous line accomplishes the most extraordinary thing - it conveys love.'' In FIND IT IN EVERYTHING, ...

ISBN: 9780316253062

Binding: Hardback


Lake Eyre

by Paul Lockyer

At the heart of Australia, framed by desert, Lake Eyre, the country's biggest lake, seldom sees water. Most of the time it is a vast salt pan, eerily empty, devoid of all life. But when the rains come and the great rivers flow down to its basin, ...

ISBN: 9780733332760

Binding: Paperback / softback


Weekend Photographer The

by Van Put John

ISBN: 9781742573410

Binding: Paperback / softback


Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

by Ansel Adams

ANSEL ADAMS: 400 PHOTOGRAPHS presents the full spectrum of Adams' work in a single volume for the first time, offering the largest available compilation from his legendary photographic career. Beautifully produced and presented in an attractive ...

ISBN: 9780316400794

Binding: Paperback


Consumption: Prix Pictet 05


The Prix Pictet has rapidly established itself as the world's leading prize in photography and sustainability. The award aims to uncover outstanding photography that confronts the most pressing social and environmental challenges of today.

ISBN: 9783832798147

Binding: Hardback


Dark Memories

by Maurizio Rebuzzini

ISBN: 9788857219738

Binding: Hardback


Touching Strangers: Photographs by Richard Renaldi

by Teju Cole

ISBN: 9781597112499

Binding: Hardback


Looking at Ansel Adams

The Photographs and the Man

by Andrea G. Stillman

LOOKING AT ANSEL ADAMS is a personal and penetrating study that explores Ansel's life as an artist by looking closely at the stories behind 20 of his most significant images. Immediately recognizable photographs like Moonrise, Hernandez, New ...

ISBN: 9780316217804

Binding: Hardback


Much Loved

by Mark Nixon

ISBN: 9781419710124

Binding: Hardback


Photographs Found: A Personal Memoir of 1960s Britain


Basil Hyman (b. 1936) has taken hundreds of photographs of everyday life in Britain. In 'Photographs Found' he looks back to the Swinging Sixties, miniskirts and all, with an array of charming picturesplus fascinating ephemera and memorabilia, ...

ISBN: 9781861543325

Binding: Hardback


Shooting Models: Tips, Techniques and Testimony

by Franki Holton

ISBN: 9781781579831

Binding: Paperback / softback