illustrated book of bad arguments An

by Scribe Publications

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments is aimed at teaching newcomers to the field of critical thinking - particularly younger ones - the importance of logical reasoning using a novel approach. It covers a small set of common errors in reasoning ...

ISBN: 9781925106244

Binding: Board book


Ppt; Philosophy of Action

by Macmillan Science & Educ. UK

ISBN: 9780230232808

Binding: Hardback


The Evolved Apprentice: How Evolution Made Humans Unique

by MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262526661

Binding: Paperback


The Right to Justification: Elements of a Constructivist Theory of Justice

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231147095

Binding: Paperback


Interspecies Ethics

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231167772

Binding: Paperback


Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231149600

Binding: Hardback


Thomas Jefferson

by Random House US

This is the first book to systematize the philosophical content of Thomas Jefferson's writings. Sifting through Jefferson's many addresses, messages, and letters, philosopher M. Andrew Holowchak uncovers an intensely curious Enlightenment thinker ...

ISBN: 9781616149529

Binding: Hardback


Fear and Trembling: Dialectical Lyric by Johannes De Silentio: Design byCoralie Bickford-Smith

by Penguin UK

Seen as the original Existentialist, Kierkegaard transformed philosophy with his conviction that we must all create our own nature. Fear and Trembling, his great work of religious anxiety portraying Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac, argues ...

ISBN: 9780141395883

Binding: Hardback


Philosophy of Qi: The Record of Great Doubts

by Kaibara Ekken

ISBN: 9780231139229

Binding: Hardback


Richard Rorty From Pragmatist Philosophy to Cultural Politics

by Bloomsbury

Richard Rorty was one of the most important philosophers of the last half of the twentieth century. His work helped effect global transformations in the way philosophy thinks about its work and role midst contemporary culture. He was influential ...

ISBN: 9781472589279

Binding: Paperback


Self-Consciousness and the Critique of the Subject: Hegel, Heidegger, and the Poststructuralists

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231168229

Binding: Hardback


Intimate Strangers: Arendt, Marcuse, Solzhenitsyn, and Said in American Political Discourse

by Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231168687

Binding: Hardback


Spinoza's Critique of Religion (POD)

by Leo Strauss

ISBN: 9780226776880

Binding: Paperback


Theories of Ideology

The Powers of Alienation and Subjection

by Jan Rehmann

Theories of Ideology is sure to become the point of reference for all future scholarly attempts to understand ideology.

ISBN: 9781608464081

Binding: Paperback


Alfarabi and the Foundation of Islamic Political Philosophy

by Muhsin S Mahdi

ISBN: 9780226501871

Binding: Paperback


Autonomy After Auschwitz: Adorno, German Idealism, and Modernity

by University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226155487

Binding: Hardback


Debates in the Metaphysics of Time

by L. Nathan Oaklander

A core topic in metaphysics, time is also central to issues in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion. Debates in the Metaphysics of Time explores these close philosophical connections and tackles the ...

ISBN: 9781780934907

Binding: Paperback


Jurassic Park and Philosophy

The Truth Is Terrifying

by Perseus

Twenty-one philosophers investigate the implications of the Jurassic Park franchise for our lives, our values, and our future. Human beings live and thrive by modifying nature, but when do the risks of changing nature outweigh the likely ...

ISBN: 9780812698473

Binding: Paperback


Nihilism and the State of Israel New Critical Perspectives

by Bloomsbury

Contemporary politics is faced, on the one hand, with political stagnation and lack of a progressive vision on the side of formal, institutional politics, and, on the other, with various social movements that venture to challenge modern ...

ISBN: 9781623561482

Binding: Paperback


How Should We Live?: A Practical Approach to Everyday Morality

by University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226155654

Binding: Hardback