A Slow Passion Snails, My Garden and Me

by Ruth Brooks

When BBC Radio 4's Material World programme announced a search for the UK's top amateur scientist, little did anyone expect that the winning experiment would comprise one of our humblest garden pests. Ruth Brooks posed this question: Do snails ...

ISBN: 9781408826584

Binding: Hardback


Tales from a Stone Cottage


Tales from a Stone Cottage came into being when Aly won a competition to become Country Living Magazine's new columnist. The magazine searched for a column that would chart 'life in the country - the changing seasons, the foibles of neighbours ...

ISBN: 9781846891489

Binding: Hardback


The Woodland Book 101 ways to relax, play, watch wildlife and have adventures in the woods

by Tessa Wardley

From an author passionate about reconnecting both adults and children with nature, The Woodland Book aims to show anyone with an interest in nature and the great outdoors how to make the most of the unique environments provided by a canopy of trees.

ISBN: 9781472900005

Binding: Paperback / softback


Bee: A Natural History

by Noah Wilson-Rich

ISBN: 9781782401070

Binding: Hardback


Deadliest Volcanoes

200 Years After Tambora

by John Kerr

Deadliest Volcanoes, from author John Kerr, is about the biggest and most powerful volcanic eruptions the world has seen. It's full of eyewitness accounts and photos of some of history's best known, and not so well known, volcanoes.

ISBN: 9781922178510

Binding: Paperback


How Birds Migrate


ISBN: 9780811724449

Binding: Paperback / softback


Nature Guide: Rocks and Minerals

by Dorling Kindersley

Have the world in your hands with these compact, affordable, illustrated natural history guides.From malachite to meteorites, leaf through Nature Guide Rocks and Minerals, a beautiful guide profiling the world's specimens. Part of a new ...

ISBN: 9781405375863

Binding: Paperback / softback


Birds of the World: 365 Days

by Philippe J Dubois

ISBN: 9780810996137

Binding: Hardback



by Richard Schweid

Although it might seem the most mundane of fish when pulled from the mud of creeks, ponds, rivers or the sea, the eels life cycle is one of the most remarkable on the planet. Freshwater eels are born, according to current scientific theory, in ...

ISBN: 9781861894236

Binding: Paperback



The Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation

by Aurum Press

Jumbo, Victorian England's favourite elephant, was born in 1861 in French Sudan. Imported to a Parisian zoo and later sold on to London. Worldwide fame came when he was brought by the American showman and scam artist P.T. Barnum in 1881(despite ...

ISBN: 9781781312452

Binding: Paperback


Backyard Poultry Naturally

by No Author Provided

ISBN: 9780958559010

Binding: Paperback


Famous Felines: Cats Lives in Fact and Fiction


Louis Waun and Beatrix Potter adored them but Disney preferred dogs, cats have been depicted in art, books and, more recently, film and TV as lovable but determined creatures. Where the dog is loving but stupid, the cat is clever but sly and ...

ISBN: 9781844680337

Binding: Hardback


Flying Dinosaurs

How fearsome reptiles became birds

by John Pickrell

Dinosaurs didnt die out when an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. Get ready to unthink what you thought you knew and journey into the deep, dark depths of the Jurassic.The discovery of the first feathered dinosaur in China in 1996 sent ...

ISBN: 9781742233666

Binding: Paperback / softback



by Bob;Swinney, Nicola Jane Langrish

The lives of humans and horses have been intricately linked for thousands of years, with equines depicted in cave paintings dating back to 5000BC. Horses have been developed by humans for many purposes - for war, for working in the field and in ...

ISBN: 9781472909848

Binding: Hardback


The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia

by Michael Braby

Written by one of Australias leading lepidopterists, it is stunningly illustrated with colour photographs of each of the 416 currently identified species. There is also a distribution map for each species on the Australian mainland.

ISBN: 9780643090279

Binding: Paperback


A Message from Martha The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and Why it Still Matters

by Mark Avery

September 1st, 2014 sees the centenary of one of the best-documented extinctions in history - the demise of the Passenger Pigeon. From being the commonest bird on the planet 50 years earlier, the species became extinct with the death in ...

ISBN: 9781472906250

Binding: Hardback


Photographic Guide to Birds of Australia

by Jim (Australian Museum) Flegg

"This is a bird identification guide with a difference. Instead of using colour plates of paintings, Photographic Field Guide: Birds of Australia features photographs. Photographs of living birds can often provide detail not available in ...

ISBN: 9781876334789

Binding: Paperback / softback



by Peter Young

Of more than 8,000 bird species, the swan is surely one of the most easily recognised. Airborne, the swan is a majestic sight: with its long, slender neck outstretched, it glides gracefully with slow, strong wing-beats. Its large webbed feet and ...

ISBN: 9781861893499

Binding: Paperback


Tuning Your Horse: Using Music for Training and Therapy


'Riding in tune' depends on the rider having a highly developed sense of rhythm. If riders did not have a fundamental sense of rhythm it would be impossible for them to distinguish a walk from a trot or a trot from a canter. But in the modern ...

ISBN: 9781861269379

Binding: Hardback


Cooking for Dogs: New Recipes from Dog's Deli


Germany's Dog's Deli returns after Baking for Dogs with more than twenty of the latest doggy delicacies for your canine friend. Treat your pooch to healthy, all natural snacks and meals that are easy to make and even easier to watch disappear.

ISBN: 9780764336423

Binding: Paperback / softback