Australian Public Law

by Gabrielle Appleby

Australian Public Law is also available as an e-book.Australian Public Law 2nd Edition begins with a consideration of the idea of public law and develops a clear theoretical framework for investigating its subject matter. It introduces students ...

ISBN: 9780195525656

Binding: Paperback


The Measure of Injury: Race, Gender, and Tort Law

by Martha Chamallas and Jennifer Wriggins

ISBN: 9780814716762

Binding: Hardback



Desperately Seeking Certainty: The Misguided Quest for Constitutional Foundations

by Daniel A Farber and Suzanna Sherry

ISBN: 9780226238098

Binding: Paperback


Making Human Rights a Reality

by Emilie M Hafner-Burton

ISBN: 9780691155364

Binding: Paperback


Dangerous Allies

by Fraser, Malcolm/Roberts, Cain

Australia has always been reliant on 'great and powerful friends' for its sense of national security and for direction on its foreign policy—first on the British Empire and now on the United States. Australia has actively pursued a ...

ISBN: 9780522867688

Binding: Paperback


Invitation to Law and Society: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law

by Kitty Calavita

ISBN: 9780226089973

Binding: Paperback



Textbook on International Law

by Martin Dixon

The seventh edition of Textbook on International Law offers students new to the subject a concise and focused introduction to the essential topics of an international law course, from the nature and sources of international law, to the use of ...

ISBN: 9780199574452

Binding: Paperback



Oral History and Delinquency: The Rhetoric of Criminology (POD)

by James Bennett

ISBN: 9780226042466

Binding: Paperback


Arc of Justice

by Kevin Boyle

ISBN: 9780805079333

Binding: Paperback


Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity

by Siva Vaidhyanathan

ISBN: 9780814788073

Binding: Paperback


Equality and Diversity in Policing

by Brian Stout

ISBN: 9781844453535

Binding: Paperback


Essentials of Corrections

by G. Larry Mays

The fifth edition of this leading “essentials” textbook on corrections has been fully revised and updated to include new international comparative data, and a fresh chapter on prison inmates with special needs. Unrivalled in scope, ...

ISBN: 9781118537213

Binding: Paperback


Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

by Beverly DeMarr

For courses in Negotiation/Dispute Resolution.   Complete and broad in coverage, this book addresses negotiations and dispute resolution in a wide variety of settings. Because skill development is an important part of becoming a masterful ...

ISBN: 9780131577534

Binding: Paperback


Legal Feminism: Activism, Lawyering, and Legal Theory

by Ann Scales

ISBN: 9780814798454

Binding: Hardback


Ethics for the Legal Professional

by Deborah K. Orlik

For ethics courses taught in Legal Studies, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Assistant programs.   Written from a paralegal perspective, this book uses plain English and an upbeat tone to keep readers engaged in the ethics of the legal ...

ISBN: 9780135064009

Binding: Paperback


Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management Approach, Global Edition

by Joseph J. Martocchio

For graduate and undergraduate courses in compensation, staffing, and human resources.The art and science of compensation practice. Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management Approach illustrates the art and science of compensation ...

ISBN: 9781292058863

Binding: Paperback


Paralegal Professional, The: Essentials

by Thomas F. Goldman

For courses in Paralegal Studies, Introduction to Paralegal Practice, Legal Studies   An engaging and practical introduction to the paralegal profession.   Written by an award-winning author team, The Paralegal ...

ISBN: 9780132956048

Binding: Paperback