Australian Public Law

by Gabrielle Appleby, Alexander Reilly & Laura Grenfell

Australian Public Law is also available as an e-book.Australian Public Law 2nd Edition begins with a consideration of the idea of public law and develops a clear theoretical framework for investigating its subject matter. It introduces students ...

ISBN: 9780195525656

Binding: Paperback / softback


Business Law Guidebook

by Oxford University Press Australia

Business Law Guidebook 2nd edition is also available as an ebook.The Business Law Guidebook is your guide to the essentials of business law. It provides a clear and comprehensive outline of the foundation topics in business and commercial ...

ISBN: 9780195593990

Binding: Paperback


Effective Investigation of Child Homicide and Suspicious Deaths

by David Marshall QPM

Crimes against children are some of the most serious and demanding investigations that a police force can be involved with. It is an extremely specialised crime area, with its own legislation, case law, guidance and crucial multi-agency working.

ISBN: 9780199639175

Binding: Paperback / softback



by Sarah Worthington

Introduces the basic principles of equity, emphasising contemporary views and modern issues Considers the impact equity has had on the modern legal landscape, and the controversial questions that arise from our dual system of law and equity The ...

ISBN: 9780199290505

Binding: Paperback / softback


Political Costs of the 2009 Bri, The

by Macmillan Science & Educ. UK

ISBN: 9781137034540

Binding: Hardback


Blackstone and his Commentaries Biography, Law, History

by Bloomsbury

One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal tradition, William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-9) has recently begun to attract renewed interest from legal and other scholars. The Commentaries no longer ...

ISBN: 9781849466424

Binding: Paperback


Drafting Legislation

by Bloomsbury

ISBN: 9781849464284

Binding: Hardback


Fall, The

by Random House Australia

How Simon Gittany murdered Lisa Harnum A terrified woman runs for the door, her final effort to escape a cruel and controlling fianc. She is too late. A secret camera captures him covering her mouth to suppress her screams as he drags her back ...

ISBN: 9780857985330

Binding: Book


Justice among Nations: A History of International Law

by Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674725294

Binding: Hardback


Parker's Wills Precedents

by Bloomsbury

Recommended by the Institute of Professional Willwriters, Parker's Wills Precedents, 8th edition (previous editions titled: Parker's Modern Wills Precedents) is a well established and highly regarded publication, renowned for its clarity of drafting.

ISBN: 9781780434940

Binding: Hardback


The Constitutional State

by Nick Barber

The Constitutional State provides an original analytical account of the state and its associated constitutional phenomena. It presents the state as a form of social group, consisting of people, territory and institutions bound together by rules.

ISBN: 9780199585014

Binding: Hardback


The Idea Of Arbitration

by Jan Paulsson

What is arbitration? This volume provides a novel theoretical examination of the concept of arbitration, attempting to answer fundamental questions which have rarely been addressed systematically in English. It explores the place of arbitration ...

ISBN: 9780199564170

Binding: Paperback / softback


EU Risk Regulation

by Bloomsbury

ISBN: 9781849461689

Binding: Paperback



Why the Law Is So Perverse

by Leo Katz

ISBN: 9780226005812

Binding: Paperback


Desperately Seeking Certainty: The Misguided Quest for Constitutional Foundations

by Daniel A Farber and Suzanna Sherry

ISBN: 9780226238098

Binding: Paperback


Freedom and Force

by Bloomsbury

ISBN: 9781849463164

Binding: Hardback


Policing Hatred: Law Enforcement, Civil Rights, and Hate Crime

by Jeannine Bell

ISBN: 9780814798980

Binding: Paperback


The New Law of Torts

by Oxford University Press Australia

The New Law of Torts is also available as an ebook.In its third edition this text continues to question whether foundational principles and policies of torts law, reflect the social and moral values of modern Australian society. Living up to ...

ISBN: 9780195525069

Binding: Paperback


EEA Law in Action

by Bloomsbury

ISBN: 9781849466264

Binding: Hardback