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A Dictionary of Law

by Jonathan Law

ISBN: 9780199664924

Binding: Paperback


A Guide to the National Planning Policy Framework

Law and Practice

by Gregory Jones QC

ISBN: 9781849464475

Binding: Paperback


A New Introduction to Comparative Law

by Jaakko Husa

ISBN: 9781849467964

Binding: Paperback


A World History of War Crimes

From Antiquity to the Present

by Michael Bryant

A concise world history of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. ...

ISBN: 9781472510624

Binding: Paperback


Abuse of EU Law and Regulation of the Internal Market

by Alexandre Sayde

ISBN: 9781509907403

Binding: Paperback


Administrative Law

by William Wade

Wade and Forsyth's Administrative Law has been a cornerstone of public law since its first edition in 1961. It provides a comprehensive and perceptive account of the principles of judicial review and the administrative arrangements of the United

ISBN: 9780199683703

Binding: Paperback


Administrative Law and Judicial Deference

by Matthew Lewans

ISBN: 9781849462778

Binding: Hardback


Air Passenger Rights Ten Years On

by Bloomsbury

Regulation 261/2004 on Air Passengers' Rights has been amongst the most high-profile pieces of EU secondary legislation of the past years, generating controversial CJEU judgments, from ex parte IATA to Sturgeon. The Regulation has led to equally

ISBN: 9781849468244

Binding: Hardback


An Introduction to Land Law

by Simon;MacKenzie, Emily Gardner

Gardner and MacKenzie's An Introduction to Land Law has been widely acclaimed by students and teachers for the distinctively informative and stimulating way in which it addresses this challenging subject.Concise and highly readable, it covers ...

ISBN: 9781849465755

Binding: Paperback


Antarctica in International Law

by Ben Saul

Ben Saul is Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney...Tim Stephens is Associate Professor in Law at the University of Sydney. ...

ISBN: 9781849467315

Binding: Paperback


Anti-Cartel Enforcement in a Contemporary Age

The Leniency Religion

by Caron Beaton-Wells

ISBN: 9781849466905

Binding: Hardback


Australian Law Dictionary

by Trischa Mann

The Australian Law Dictionary is a key reference for those who need familiarity with, and knowledge of Australian legal terms. Designed for students in response to research, the ALD is structured to ensure comprehensive coverage of core legal ...

ISBN: 9780195518511

Binding: Mixed media product


Australian Private International Law for the 21st Century Facing Outwards

by Andrew;Keyes, Mary;John, Thomas Dickinson

A nation's prosperity depends not only on the willingness of its businesses to export goods and services, and of its citizens and residents to travel to take advantage of opportunities overseas, but also on the willingness of the businesses and ...

ISBN: 9781849466257

Binding: Hardback


Australian Trade Mark Law

by Robert Burrell

Australian Trade Mark Law provides a comprehensive overview of trade mark law in Australia and encourages readers to critically engage with the operation of the Australian trade mark system as a whole. Moving beyond a purely descriptive account ...

ISBN: 9780195565393

Binding: Paperback


Bewigged and Bewildered?

A Guide to Becoming a Barrister in England and Wales

by Adam Kramer

An invaluable guide for those considering a career at the Bar in England and Wales, written by two successful young barristers a top London Chambers. ...

ISBN: 9781509905362

Binding: Paperback


Blackstone and his Commentaries Biography, Law, History

by Wilfrid Prest

One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal tradition, William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-9) has recently begun to attract renewed interest from legal and other scholars. The Commentaries no longer ...

ISBN: 9781849466424

Binding: Paperback


Born In Hope

The early years of the Family Court of Australia

by Shurlee Swain

The Family Law Act of 1975 and the establishment of the Family Court of Australia the following year aimed to revolutionise the settlement of marital disputes in this country. Gone was the notion of divorce as a spectator sport, salacious media ...

ISBN: 9781742232928

Binding: Paperback



The Legal Framework for Withdrawal from the EU or Renegotiation of EU Membership

by Steve Peers

ISBN: 9781849468749

Binding: Hardback


Comparative Law in Practice

Contract Law in a Mid-Channel Jurisdiction

by Duncan Fairgrieve

ISBN: 9781782257219

Binding: Hardback


Competition Law

Text, Cases and Materials

by Ioannis Lianos

ISBN: 9781849460798

Binding: Paperback