Chinese Verbs and Essentials of Grammar

by Julian Wheatley

ISBN: 9780071713047

Binding: Paperback / softback


Macquarie Budget Thesaurus

by Pan Macmillan Australia

The Macquarie Budget Thesaurus is in the form of an A - Z dictionary of synonyms, which makes finding just the right word a very simple matter. It has been produced directly from the respected Macquarie Thesaurus, and features: - over 85,000 ...

ISBN: 9781742619880

Binding: Paperback



by University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780857422088

Binding: Hardback


Slip of the Keyboard, A Collected Non-fiction

by Random House UK

With a foreword by Neil Gaiman Terry Pratchett has earned a place in the hearts of readers the world over with his bestselling Discworld series - but in recent years he has become equally well-known and respected as an outspoken campaigner for ...

ISBN: 9780857521224

Binding: Hardback


What a Piece of Work

by Dorothy Porter

ISBN: 9780330361286

Binding: Paperback


Wild Surmise

by Dorothy Porter

Alex Leefson is astronomy's glamour girl, in love with the satellite Europa and the equally unreachable Phoebe. Meanwhile, her husband Daniel mourns the demise of his marriage and his life.Full of Dorothy Porter's customary bite and ...

ISBN: 9780330363808

Binding: Paperback


The Monkey's Mask

by Dorothy Porter

"The Monkey's Mask" is a totally unique experience. It's poetry. It's a crime thriller. It's where high art meets low life, passion meets betrayal, and poetry faces profanity on the streets of a ...

ISBN: 9780330362429

Binding: Paperback


The Picador Book of Birth Poems

by Kate Clanchy

Essential inspiration for welcoming a new child into the world – chosen by award-winning poet Kate Clanchy Where do we find the words to greet a new arrival? In this celebratory book, poet Kate Clanchy has made an inspired choice of ...

ISBN: 9780330456852

Binding: Paperback / softback


Total Italian: Revised (Learn Italian with the Michel Thomas Method)

by Hachette Australia

Learn Italian - Instantly. No books. No writing. No memorizing. Join the millions of people worldwide who have learned a new language with the Michel Thomas Method. "The nearest thing to painless learning" - The Times - Guaranteed success.

ISBN: 9781444790702

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Blogging for Writers

Build an Audience for Your Book Online

by T&H UK Distributed

ISBN: 9781781572139

Binding: Paperback


Collected Poems

by Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake (1911-68) was the author of the much-loved "Gormenghast" novels. This edition of Peake's poetry is published to mark his anniversary. It features more than 230 poems, where Peake emerges as a compelling poet, with an acute sense of ...

ISBN: 9781857549713

Binding: Paperback / softback


Words in Time and Place

by Oxford University Press UK

Did you know that the English language has over 150 words for the adjective 'drunk' developed over 1,000 years? Be prepared to learn words you have never heard before, find out fascinating facts behind everyday words, and be surprised at how ...

ISBN: 9780199680474

Binding: Hardback


A Ted Hughes Bestiary Selected Poems

by Ted Hughes

Originally the medieval bestiary or book of animals set out to establish safe distinctions - between them and us - but Hughes's poetry works always in a contrary direction: showing what man and beast have in common, the reservoir from which we ...

ISBN: 9780571301430

Binding: Hardback


Making Out in Korean

by Berkeley Books

Now in its third edition, Making Out in Korean is your indispensable guide to contemporary Korean as it's really spoken. This best-selling phrase book is the perfect introduction to everyday interactions in Korea, and includes ...

ISBN: 9780804843546

Binding: Paperback


Marx and Freud Great Shakespeareans: Volume X

by C;Hillman, D;Howard, J Bartolovich

Great Shakespeareans offers a systematic account of those figures who have had the greatest influence on the interpretation, understanding and cultural reception of Shakespeare, both nationally and internationally.In this volume, leading scholars ...

ISBN: 9781472517142

Binding: Paperback


Romeo and Juliet

by Shakespeare William

ISBN: 9780451526861

Binding: Paperback


The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

by HarperCollins Publishers

A brilliant collection of short stories from the double Man Booker Prize-winning author of EMWolf Hall/EM and EMBring Up the Bodies/EM. Hilary Mantel is one of Britain's most accomplished, acclaimed and garlanded writers. Uniquely, her last two ...

ISBN: 9780007580972

Binding: Hardback


The Renaissance: All That Matters

by Hachette Australia

Was the Renaissance just a period of extraordinary art and architecture? The Renaissance: All That Matters examines the major developments of the Renaissance era from its beginnings in Italian city/states to later cultural, political, and ...

ISBN: 9781444192940

Binding: Paperback


Woman's Head as Jug

by Jackie Wills

These poems have a touch as deft as the seamstresses and other craftspeople who populate the book. This collection the result of a collaboration between poet and artist, and has the focused detail of pen and ink sketches yet pulls into its ...

ISBN: 9781906570835

Binding: Paperback / softback


Bartholomew Fair

by Ben Jonson

ISBN: 9780719051500

Binding: Paperback / softback