Dad Dancing

by Ian Allen

A hilarious compendium of all the ridiculous things dads get up to. It's official: dads were put onto this planet to embarrass the rest of their families. This hilarious book is a spotter's guide to the innumerable ways they can achieve this, ...

ISBN: 9781909396562

Binding: Hardback


William Shakespeare''s The Empire Striketh Back

by Ian Doescher

Hot on the heels of the New York Times best seller William Shakespeare's Star Wars comes the next two installments of the original trilogy: William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back and William Shakespeare's The Jed Doth Return. Return to ...

ISBN: 9781594747151

Binding: Hardback


Dirty Library

Twisted Children''s Classics and Folked-Up Fairy Tales

by Mary Dauterman

Dirty Library is an illustrated humor book for adults that reimagines 45 classic children's book covers, giving them a delightfully twisted, raunchy, and hilarious new spin, plus fun illustrations, charts, and back covers, man-on-the-street ...

ISBN: 9780762454402

Binding: Hardback


Secret Life of Walter Mitty The

by Thurber James

James Thurber is universally admired for his hilarious sense of humour, off-beat imagination, and unique take on the world around him. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in which a young man's fantasies have a much more powerful hold on him than ...

ISBN: 9780141395302

Binding: Paperback


The Moaning of Life The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington

by Karl Pilkington

'I've been on the planet for forty years now and I'm still none the wiser as to what it's all about really. I've never worried about life's big questions. People at my age sit about pondering "why are we here?" The only time I ever asked myself ...

ISBN: 9781782111528

Binding: Paperback


Holidays in Heck A Former War Correspondent Experiences Frightening Vacation Fun

by P J O''Rourke

Holidays in Heck takes the reader on a globe-trotting journey to far-reaching places including China, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and the Galapagos Islands. The collection begins after the Iraq War, when P.J. retired from being a war correspondent ...

ISBN: 9781611855968

Binding: Paperback


Thurber Carnival The

by Thurber James

This collection brings together the best of James Thurber's brilliantly funny, eccentric and anarchic writings. It includes his most famous work, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in which an ordinary man's fantasies have a more powerful hold on ...

ISBN: 9780141395975

Binding: Paperback


An Idiot Abroad

by Karl;Gervais, Ricky Pilkington

Are the Seven Wonders really as wondrous as everybody says? Karl Pilkington doesn't think so, but then Karl is no Michael Palin. He hates travelling and prefers throwing sand at crabs or, at a push, eating English food in Spain. In his mind, ...

ISBN: 9781847679277

Binding: Paperback


1,411 QI Facts To Knock You Sideways

by John;Mitchinson, John;Harkin, James Lloyd

ALL NEW FACTS FROM THE QI TEAM!Orchids can get jetlag. Lizards can't walk and breathe at the same time. There are 177,147 ways to tie a tie. Traffic lights existed before cars. Sir Bruce Forsyth is four months older than sliced bread. The soil ...

ISBN: 9780571317776

Binding: Hardback


Chuck Norris: Longer & Harder: The Complete Chronicle of the World"s Deadliest, Sexiest, and Beardiest Man

by Spector Ian

A concept so magnificent that mere mortals cannot fathom its depths is now a reality: the ultimate collection of facts about the world's most kick-ass man. Double up on birth control and locate your nearest bomb shelter for this epic collection ...

ISBN: 9780143568513

Binding: Paperback


The QI Pocket Book of Animals

by John; Mitchinson, John Lloyd

Meet the water bears that can live in suspension for hundreds of years, the parasite carried by your cat that makes men grumpy and women promiscuous, and the woodlouse that drinks through its bottom. Marvel at elephants that walk on tiptoe, the ...

ISBN: 9780571245130

Binding: Paperback


Wedding Bells and Chimney Sweeps

by Bruce Montague

Among the treasures of fact, tradition, superstition and myth to be found in this delightful book on all things marriage are: marriage customs around the world, explanations of terms like 'Bridezillas' and 'shotgun weddings' - and not least the ...

ISBN: 9781782192251

Binding: Hardback



by Des Machale

ISBN: 9781853758232

Binding: Paperback


Goodnight Brew

A Parody for Beer People

by Karla Oceanak

It's closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the happy crew sings and dances as they wind down for the day. Join them in saying goodnight to the beer-making equipment, brew ingredients, and styles of suds. This humorous parody of a ...

ISBN: 9781934649503

Binding: Hardback


Bro on the Go

by Barney; Kuhn, Matt Stinson

ISBN: 9781439173138

Binding: Paperback


Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

by Chelsea Handler

ISBN: 9780446552431

Binding: Paperback


Forever Rumpole: The Best of the Rumpole Stories

by Mortimer John

With his wit and love of literary allusion, his disdain for personal ambition and his delight in taking on apparently hopeless cases, the barrister Horace Rumpole is one of English fiction's most popular comic creations. Over a period of thirty ...

ISBN: 9780670919376

Binding: Paperback


Hagar the Horrible (The Epic Chronicles)

Dailies 1980-81

by Dik Browne

Since his first appearance in 1973 Hagar has appeared in nearly two thousand newspapers in fifty-eight countries. Titan continues to collect the strip of this legendary cartoon! For the first time ever, the continuing epic quests of Hagar the ...

ISBN: 9781781167151

Binding: Hardback



by Ivor Grump

An analogue bloke struggling to keep afloat in a digital world. He isn't an early adopter, he's an immediate shunner. Everywhere he turns he finds technology and gizmos encroaching into his world. When at last he's forced to embrace consumer ...

ISBN: 9781907554407

Binding: Hardback


Cracking Up: American Humor in a Time of Conflict

by Paul Lewis

ISBN: 9780226476995

Binding: Hardback