Crafty Dolls

by Bull Jane

Simple steps to sew and knit adorable dolls, with Jane BullCreate your own beautiful rag doll collection at home with Crafty Dolls, the latest in award-winning author Jane Bull's successful activity series.Crafty Dolls provides you with over 30 ...

ISBN: 9781409346463

Binding: Hardback


Earth Awakens

Book 3 of the First Formic War

by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston

TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR HUMANITY It is one hundred years before the events of Ender's Game. Tens of millions are dead in China as the invading Formics scour the landscape and gas cities with a lethal alien chemical. Young Mazer Rackham and the ...

ISBN: 9780356502762

Binding: Paperback / softback


Gregory Benford SF Gateway Omnibus

Artifact, Cosm, Eater

by Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford is a Professor of Plasma Physics and Astrophysics, expertise he turns to great effect in his widescreen hard SF epics. Best known for the NEBULA AWARD-winning TIMESCAPE he has written in some of SF's greatest playgrounds, penning ...

ISBN: 9780575118119

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Posh Crosswords 10

by The Puzzle Society

Our tenth crossword in the best-selling Pocket Posh series provides hours of brain-teasing fun. This pretty, portable puzzle book is part of a best-selling series featuring highly stylised, embellished covers and boasting 5 million copies in print.

ISBN: 9781449450830

Binding: Paperback / softback


Cibola Burn

Book 4 of the Expanse

by James S. A. Corey

"You can call me a corporation. You can call me a government. I'm the guy here with the most guns, and I say this planet is mine. Now, Captain Holden, was there something you wanted to add " The gates have opened the way to thousands of habitable ...

ISBN: 9780356504179

Binding: Paperback / softback


Crafting with Paracord

50 Fun and Creative Projects Using the World's Strongest Cord

by Chad Poole

Originally used during World War II as parachute line, durable paracord has become the brightly colored material of choice for a rapidly growing crafts trend. Now "Crafting with Paracord" offers an incredible variety of practical and decorative ...

ISBN: 9781612432885

Binding: Paperback


Summertime Death

Malin Fors 2

by Mons Kallentoft

As the temperature in Sweden reaches a record-breaking 45 degrees, forest fires break out. All those who have failed to escape Linkoping for the summer take shelter indoors, shocked and paralysed by the heat. However, when a teenage girl is ...

ISBN: 9781444721560

Binding: Paperback


Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

by Diana Lopez

It's summer before eighth grade, and Erica "Chia" Montenegro is feeling so many things that she needs a mood ring to keep track of her emotions. She's happy when she hangs out with her best friends, the Robins. She's jealous that her genius ...

ISBN: 9780316209946

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Nomad of Time

by Michael Moorcock

Captain Oswald Bastable, an Edwardian soldier, is catapulted into the far-flung future. 1973, to be precise - but a 1973 that is very different to the one we know. The First World War never happened, and the world seems to be at peace.

ISBN: 9780575092693

Binding: Paperback / softback


Bracken Finds a Secret Tunnel

by Georgie Adams

On a misty morning in Ripple Valley, Bracken and his sister Wisher decide to go exploring - and end up getting very lost! Their adventure takes a frightening turn when they find themselves on the run from a fox. Then Bramble discovers a ...

ISBN: 9781444012187

Binding: Paperback / softback


Mr Wumble and the Dragon

by Enid Blyton

The adventures of Mr Wumble and the kind-hearted dragon are just one of the many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales of When Mother Lost Her Purse, The Lost Beads, The China Rabbit, The ...

ISBN: 9780753726495

Binding: Paperback


Short Tales Fables: The Ants and the Grasshopper

by Rob M Worley

The fable concerns a grasshopper that has spent the warm months singing while the ant worked to store up food for winter. When that season arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger and begs the ant for food. This fable is about the ...

ISBN: 9780750278300

Binding: Paperback


Otto Goes to the Beach

by Todd Parr

Otto goes to the beach to find a friend. He meets a crab, but the crab is too crabby. Then he meets a cat, but the cat laughs at him. Poor Otto - will he ever find someone to play with Todd Parr's bold, humorous illustrations and simple text make ...

ISBN: 9780316246026

Binding: Paperback / softback


Short Tales Fables: The Lion and the Mouse

by Shannon Eric Denton

This delightful tale tells of a mouse who disturbs the lion and makes him angry. The mouse offers to be his friend in return for letting him go. When the lion is snared by a hunter the mouse comes to free him by nibbling through the net.

ISBN: 9780750278331

Binding: Paperback


The Fairy Kitten

by Enid Blyton

The magical adventures of the fairy kitten is just one of the many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales of Mr Topple. The Angry Ship, Billy and the West Wind,The Annoying Clock and many more ...

ISBN: 9780753726426

Binding: Paperback


The Little Book of Dad's Wisdom

by Denis Baker, Ian Baker & Paul Baker

If something is worth doing, do it right the first time. This book is three brothers exploration of the wisdom of their father. Full of stories, quotes, jokes and dad phrases, The Little Book of Dads Wisdom celebrates everything that we love ...

ISBN: 9781922190994

Binding: Hardback


Short Tales Fables: The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse

by Christopher E Long

Stories for young children with morals to help guide their behaviour. These delightful animal stories end with a moral outcome such as nobody believes a liar, even when they tell the truth.

ISBN: 9780750278355

Binding: Paperback


Brick Wonders

by Warren Elsmore

Brick Wonders is an amazing representation of the structures and landscapes that have been talked about for centuries.

ISBN: 9781743319741

Binding: Paperback / softback


Dinotrux go to School

by Chris Gall

Today is the first day of school. The Dinotrux are nervous! What will they eat for lunch Will their teacher be nice But the Dinotrux don't need to worry. They can help each other. And school isn't scary. It's fun, especially when you are part ...

ISBN: 9780316400626

Binding: Hardback


The Wonderful Torch

by Enid Blyton

The story of the torch which can do wonderful things is just one of the many stories in this whimsical and eclectic collection from your favourite author. Timeless tales of the old teddy bear, the imp who has no name, the unkind little girl and ...

ISBN: 9780753726532

Binding: Paperback