Jacks and Jokers

by Condon Matthew

ISBN: 9780702249969

Binding: Paperback


Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 The

by Clark Christopher

ISBN: 9780141027821

Binding: Paperback


Berlin Now: The Rise of the City and the Fall of the Wall

by Schneider Peter

On the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Wall, a legendary Berliner tells the inside story of the city. Over the last five decades, no other city has changed more than Berlin: divided in 1961, reunited in 1989, it has become Europe's most ...

ISBN: 9780241006139

Binding: Paperback


Scarlett''s Women

''Gone With the Wind'' and its Female Fans

by Helen Taylor

ISBN: 9780349005119

Binding: Paperback


Historic Heston

by Heston Blumenthal

British gastronomy has a grand old tradition that has been lost over time. Now our most inventive chef is out to reclaim it. Heston Blumenthal, whose name is synonymous with cutting-edge cuisine, still finds his greatest source of inspiration in

ISBN: 9781408857571

Binding: Hardback


Anzac Treasures The Gallipoli Collection of the Australian War Memorial

by Peter Pedersen

This landmark publication commemorates the centenary of the Great War's Gallipoli campaign, 25 April 1915 to 9 January 1916. ANZAC Treasures approaches the subject of Gallipoli not only from a military perspective but also in terms of its social

ISBN: 9781742667232

Binding: Hardback



Running for Freedom

Civil Rights and Black Politics in America Since 1941, Fourth Edition

by Steven F. Lawson

Running for Freedom, Fourth Edition, updates historian Steven Lawson’s classic volume detailing the history of African-American civil rights and black politics from the beginning of World War II to the present day. Offers comprehensive ...

ISBN: 9781118836545

Binding: Paperback


The Ghosts of Happy Valley

Searching for the Lost World of Africa''s Infamous Aristocrats

by Juliet Barnes

The Ghosts of Happy Valley is a mesmerising blend of travel narrative, social history and personal quest.Happy Valley was the name given to the Wanjohi Valley in the Kenya Highlands, where a small community of affluent, hedonistic white ...

ISBN: 9781781311677

Binding: Paperback


Furies War in Europe, 1450-1700

by Lauro Martines

We think of the Renaissance as a shining era of human achievement--a pinnacle of artistic genius and humanist brilliance, the time of Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Montaigne. Yet it was also an age of constant, harrowing warfare. Armies, not ...

ISBN: 9781608196180

Binding: Paperback


The Internal Enemy Slavery and War in Virginia, 1772-1832

by Alan Taylor

ISBN: 9780393349733

Binding: Paperback


A Stranger in My Own Country

The 1944 Prison Diary

by Hans Fallada

‘I lived the same life as everyone else, the life of ordinary people, the masses.’ Sitting in a prison cell in the autumn of 1944, Hans Fallada sums up his life under the National Socialist dictatorship, the time of ‘inward ...

ISBN: 9780745669885

Binding: Hardback


Broken Nation Australians in the Great War

by Joan Beaumont

Winner of the 2014 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Australian History.'If you read only one book about Australia's experience of World War I ... make it Broken Nation, an account that joins the history of the war to the home front, and that ...

ISBN: 9781760111304

Binding: Paperback


Harem: The World Behind the Veil 25th Anniversary Edition


ISBN: 9780789212061

Binding: Paperback


Empires of the Dead: How One Man''s Vision Led to the Creation of WW1''sWar Graves

by David Crane

The extraordinary and forgotten story of the building of the World War One cemeteries, due to the efforts of one remarkable man, Fabian Ware. Before WWI, little provision was made for the burial of soldiers - they were often unceremoniously ...

ISBN: 9780007456659

Binding: Hardback


Superstition and Magic in Early Modern Europe: A Reader A Reader

by Helen Parish

In recent decades research into witchcraft and magic has expanded alongside a deepening understanding of early modern popular culture and belief. The result is a much more nuanced appreciation of how such beliefs were woven into the fabric of ...

ISBN: 9781441122223

Binding: Paperback


The Elements of Eloquence How To Turn the Perfect English Phrase

by Mark Forsyth

In an age unhealthily obsessed with substance, this is a book on the importance of pure style, from the bestselling author of The Etymologicon and The Horologicon.From classic poetry to pop lyrics and from the King James Bible to advertising ...

ISBN: 9781848317338

Binding: Paperback


The Men Who United the States

by Simon Winchester

The bestselling author of ATLANTIC tells the extraordinary story of how America was united into a single nation. How did America become one single nation? What unified a growing number of disparate states into the modern country we recognise ...

ISBN: 9780007532391

Binding: Paperback


Where is Dr Leichhardt?: The Greatest Mystery in Australian History

by Darrell Lewis

ISBN: 9781921867767

Binding: Paperback


Born in the GDR Life in the Shadow of the Wall

by Hester Vaizey

ISBN: 9780198718734

Binding: Hardback


The Tragedy of Fatherhood King Laius and the Politics of Paternity in the West

by Silke-Maria Weineck

Theories of power have always been intertwined with theories of fatherhood: paternity is the oldest and most persistent metaphor of benign, legitimate rule. The paternal trope gains its strength from its integration of law, body, and affect-in ...

ISBN: 9781628927894

Binding: Paperback