A Companion to Mediterranean History

by Peregrine Horden & Sharon Kinoshita

A Companion to Mediterranean History presents a wide-ranging overview of this vibrant field of historical research, drawing together scholars from a range of disciplines to discuss the development of the region from Neolithic times to the present.

ISBN: 9780470659014

Binding: Hardback


Jacks and Jokers

The Extraordinary True Story Continues

by Matthew Condon

'The message was powerfully clear. If you threatened the harmony of the Joke, you didn't last long.' Continuing on from the bestselling Three Crooked Kings, Jacks and Jokers opens in 1976. Terry Lewis, exiled in western Queensland, is soon to be ...

ISBN: 9780702249969

Binding: Paperback


Penguin History of the World: 6th edition The

by Roberts J M & Westad Odd Arne

The Penguin History of the World tells the entire story of human endeavour in all its grandeur and folly, drama and pain in a single book; beautifully written, authoritative and thrilling. Now this landmark bestseller has been completely ...

ISBN: 9781846144431

Binding: Paperback


People's Park H/C

Centennial Park - A History

by Paul Ahston

The 125 year story of one of the worlds greatest urban parks. Centennial Park, in the heart of Sydney, opened in 1888 to mark the centenary of colonisation. It has been the stage for celebration of Federation and many other national ...

ISBN: 9781925043075

Binding: Hardback


The Chicagoan

A Lost Magazine of the Jazz Age

by Neil Harris

While browsing the stacks of the Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago some years ago, noted historian Neil Harris made a surprising discovery: a group of nine plainly bound volumes whose unassuming spines bore the name "The Chicagoan".

ISBN: 9780226317618

Binding: Hardback


The Hotel on Place Vendome: Life, Death, and Betrayal at The Hotel Ritzin Paris

by Tilar J. Mazzeo

Since the end of the 19th century, the Ritz Hotel in Paris has been an international symbol of luxury and glamour, home to film stars, celebrity writers, playboys and princes. When France fell to the Germans in June 1940, Joseph Goebbels, the ...

ISBN: 9780062323347

Binding: Paperback / softback


1914: Britain in War and Peace

by Nigel Jones

In 1914 Britain was at peace and focused on domestic affairs. Headlines were dominated by the launch of HMHS Britannic, Titanic's sister ship; an attack by suffragettes on a Velasquez painting in the National Gallery; the achievement of cricketer ...

ISBN: 9781781852538

Binding: Hardback


Conversations With Stalin

by Djilas Milovan

'An uninstructed visitor might hardly have detected any difference between Stalin and the rest. Yet it existed. His opinion was carefully noted. No one opposed him very hard.' Travelling to Moscow throughout the 1940s, Yugoslavian Vice-President ...

ISBN: 9780141393094

Binding: Paperback


In Search of Sacred Time

Jacobus de Voragine and The Golden Legend

by Jacques Le Goff

It is impossible to understand the late Middle Ages without grasping the importance of The Golden Legend, the most popular medieval collection of saints' lives. Assembled for clerical use in the thirteenth century by Genoese archbishop Jacobus de ...

ISBN: 9780691156453

Binding: Hardback


Monuments Men, The

by Robert M. Edsel

Now a major film starring GEORGE CLOONEY, MATT DAMON, CATE BLANCHETT, BILL MURRAY, JOHN GOODMAN, HUGH BONNEVILLE, BOB BALABAN, JEAN DUJARDIN and DIMITRI LEONIDAS. What if I told you that there was an epic story about World War II that has not ...

ISBN: 9780099567943

Binding: Paperback


Rising Up from Indian Country

The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago

by Ann Durkin Keating

In August 1812, under threat from the Potawatomi, Captain Nathan Heald began the evacuation of ninety-four people from the isolated outpost of Fort Dearborn to Fort Wayne, hundreds of miles away. The group included several dozen soldiers, as well ...

ISBN: 9780226428963

Binding: Hardback


The Fight for Australia

From Changi and Darwin to Kokoda The Triumph of Individual Bravery, Mateship and National Courage That Saved Us in World War II

by Roland Perry

In the dark days following the fall of Singapore in Februrary 1942, Australia faced its toughest battle yet. It was centrestage and under direct attack from seemingly invincible Japanese forces. Winston Churchill was demanding our best ...

ISBN: 9780733632778

Binding: Paperback / softback


Battle Castles: 500 Years of Knights and Siege Warfare

by Dan Snow

Six programmes, six castles. The book will have a chapter on each castle detailing the specifics of the castle in question, its history and an account of how it was built and the battles it faced. The book will include cutting edge CGI used in ...

ISBN: 9780007455584

Binding: Hardback


Mastering Iron: The Struggle to Modernize an American Industry, 1800-1868

by Anne Kelly Knowles

ISBN: 9780226448596

Binding: Hardback


Napoleon Soldier of Destiny

by Michael Broers

This is the first life of Napoleon, in any language, that makes full use of the new version of his Correspondence compiled by the Fondation Napoleon in Paris to replace the sanitized compilation made under the Second French Empire as a propaganda ...

ISBN: 9780571273430

Binding: Hardback


On This Day

The History of the World in 366 Days

by Bounty

Packed full of historical information, this is a book that can be read from cover to cover or dipped into for fascinating facts or special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays. With a whole page for each day of the year and more than 700 ...

ISBN: 9780753726044

Binding: Hardback


The Insurgents

David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War

by Fred M Kaplan

"The Insurgents" tells the inside story of the small group of soldier-scholars, led by Gen. David Petraeus, who plotted to revolutionize the oldest, stodgiest institution in America--the military. Working from secret documents, private emails, ...

ISBN: 9781451642650

Binding: Paperback


History's Worst Battles

by Joel Levy

In the bad, old, politically incorrect days, history was about individuals- kings, queens, emperors, prime ministers, generals, and presidents-and the battles they fought, and lost or won. Today, history is much more likely to be about ...

ISBN: 9781743361122

Binding: Paperback / softback


Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume One: Not For Turning

by Moore Charles

Not For Turning is the first volume of Charles Moore's authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century and one of the most influential political figures of the postwar era. Charles Moore's ...

ISBN: 9780713992823

Binding: Hardback Book


The Earthquake Observers

Disaster Science from Lisbon to Richter

by Deborah R. Coen

Earthquakes have taught us much about our planet's hidden structure and the forces that have shaped it. This knowledge rests not only on the recordings of seismographs, but also on the observations of eyewitnesses to destruction. During the ...

ISBN: 9780226111810

Binding: Hardback