Handmade for the Garden

75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Garden

by Susan Guagliumi

ISBN: 9781617690976

Binding: Paperback


Nursery Management: Administration and Culture

by Harold Davidson

For courses in Nursery Management. Based on the authors' extensive and varied experiences in the field, input from nursery managers across the country, and cutting-edge information from regional and state professional associations, this text ...

ISBN: 9780138579968

Binding: Hardback


RHS The Garden Anthology

by Ursula Buchan

This RHS-branded anthology presents the best garden writing from the pages of The Garden, the magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society. Collected and curated by Ursula Buchan, herself an anthologist, this title presents ...

ISBN: 9780711234857

Binding: Hardback


Royal Horticultural Society: Gardening Through the Year in Australia The

by Spence Ian

Whatever the season, Gardening Through the Year in Australia is one book that no gardener should be without. This authoritative and accessible reference book is your infallible guide to a full 12 months of horticultural tasks. Easy to Use, ...

ISBN: 9781740337601

Binding: Paperback


Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Moveme

by judith B Tankard

ISBN: 9780810949652

Binding: Hardback


Sustainable Gardens

by Rob Cross

Our gardens are a microcosm of nature; the ecological processes that go on in a garden mirror those operating on a global scale. The better we understand and quantify these cycles and processes, as they operate on both large and small scales, ...

ISBN: 9780643094222

Binding: Paperback


Country Gardens, Country Hospitality A Visit to Australia''s Best

by Holly Kerr Forsyth

Much loved gardening writer and photographer Holly Kerr Forsyth travelled the country, revealing the landscapes that she loves—the soaring mountains, the stunning coastline, the wide plains—and visiting gardens of note: in ...

ISBN: 9780522864793

Binding: Paperback


New Zealand Wild Flowers Handbook

by Bishop

ISBN: 9781869589240

Binding: Paperback


Southern Bouquets


Southern Bouquets by Melissa Bigner with Heather Barrie and photography by Peter Frank Edwards demonstrates how to bring the beauty of flowers home, no matter your zip code or the state of your green thumb. The book highlights individual flowers

ISBN: 9781423605072

Binding: Hardback


Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips

by Dorling Kindersley

All you need to know Step-by-step information bringing you expert advice at an affordable price Quick answers to all questions Bit-size points you can grasp in an instant ...

ISBN: 9781405301671

Binding: Paperback


Native Trees And Shrubs South East Austr

by Costermans Leon

ISBN: 9781877069703

Binding: Paperback


Yates Garden Guide

by Yates

The 43rd edition of the YATES GARDEN GUIDE marks the 125th anniversary of Yates in Australia. Fully revised and updated, it is the oldest book in continuing publication in Australian history and remains the most comprehensive, reliable and ...

ISBN: 9780732289867

Binding: Paperback


Garden DIY Surfaces

by Richard key

Garden DIY Surfaces provides a thorough grounding in basic landscaping skills and then offers a host of inspiring projects to show how to put them into practice. Ideal for experienced and novice DIY enthusiasts alike, this book covers a wide ...

ISBN: 9781740450799

Binding: Paperback


How to Grow Fruit and Veg in Pots

by Dorling Kindersley

The essential guide to growing fruit and veg in small spaces, indoors and outNo room for a veg patch? RHS How to Grow Fruit & Veg in Pots demonstrates how salads, vegetables, herbs and fruit can flourish in pots in even the tiniest town ...

ISBN: 9781409323389

Binding: Paperback


Step-by-Step Veg Patch

by Dorling Kindersley

Foolproof vegetable growing for gardeners with little space but big ambitions Growing fruits and vegetables doesn't mean having a large garden of your own - or even a garden at all. Step-by-Step Veg Patch is a brilliantly simple, comprehensive ...

ISBN: 9781740339162

Binding: Hardback


Complete Guide to Fruit Growing


Growing fruit in the garden has never been so popular - or so easy. This book takes a fresh look at many of the established favorites and the new varieties now available and offers practical guidance to achieving top-quality results. Everything ...

ISBN: 9781847971739

Binding: Paperback


Garden Book The

by Phaidon

The Garden Book presents a diverse range of designers responsible for some of the most interesting and iconic gardens and landscapes of all time from around the world. Gardens of Ancient Persia, the Moguls of India, and the palaces of Chinese ...

ISBN: 9780714843551

Binding: Paperback


The Little Veggie Patch Co.

by Fabian Capomolla

Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember run a successful business installing edible gardens: in polystyrene boxes on balconies, in crates you can put anywhere in your backyard, or by creating no-dig, raised garden beds. After years of helping clients ...

ISBN: 9781742610184

Binding: Paperback


Thoughtful Gardening: Great Plants, Great Gardens, Great Gardeners

by Fox Robin Lane

ISBN: 9780141045948

Binding: Paperback


Urban Farms

by Sarah Rich

ISBN: 9781419701993

Binding: Hardback