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1-Minute Gardener

by Fabian Capomolla

As the brains behind The Little Veggie Patch Co., Fab and Mat have taken the mystery out of - and put the fun back into - growing fruit and vegetables. 1-Minute Gardener features 70 fast, illustrated step-by-step guides to edible gardening ...

ISBN: 9781743517000

Binding: Paperback


12 Gardens

Creative Designs for the Australian Climate

by Jenny Delmage

In Australias dry climate, how do you create and maintain a beautiful yet waterwise garden? Neil and Jenny Delmage have been setting the standard in garden design for more than twenty years, creating sustainable, biodiverse, waterwise and ...

ISBN: 9781742585048

Binding: Paperback


200 Veg-growing Basics

Hamlyn All Colour Gardening

by Richard Bird

ISBN: 9780600618331

Binding: Paperback


30 Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

A seasonal guide to growing and cooking with herbs

by Maureen Little

ISBN: 9781472120410

Binding: Paperback


400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces


Trees and shrubs are a valuable asset to a garden bringing structure, shade, year-round interest and the all-important vertical dimension. However, choosing the right ones for small gardens is a fine art, and it's all too easy to end up with ...

ISBN: 9780881928754

Binding: Hardback


50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants


Tracy DiSabato-Aust has taught thousands of readers how to design and maintain their gardens. Her first book -- The Well-Tended Perennial Garden -- is Timber's best-selling title and widely considered the bible of perennial maintenance. 50 ...

ISBN: 9780881929508

Binding: Paperback


A Countrywoman's Notes

by Quarto UK

ISBN: 9780711230507

Binding: Hardback


A Life with Roses

by David Ruston

This is the story of man whose life has been intertwined with flowers. David Ruston is one of the worlds most respected Rosarians. His proficiency with flowers is legendary. His lectures and demonstrations, which include flower arranging and the

ISBN: 9781921719097

Binding: Hardback


A Slow Passion

Snails, My Garden and Me

by Ruth Brooks

One woman's investigation into the whys and wherefores of snails. ...

ISBN: 9781408826584

Binding: Hardback


A Time to Plant

by Quarto UK

ISBN: 9780711232846

Binding: Hardback


A to Z of Plant Names


Botanical names can be baffling to even the most experienced gardener. But a plant's botanical name is more than just a handy labelit can tell a plant's country of origin, the shape of its leaves, the colour of its petals, and much more. The A ...

ISBN: 9781604691962

Binding: Hardback


A Wilder Life

by Celestine Maddy

In our technology-driven, workaday world, connecting with nature has never before been more essential.A Wilder Life, a beautiful oversized lifestyle book by the team behind the popularWilder Quarterly, gives readers indispensable ideas for ...

ISBN: 9781579655938

Binding: Hardback


A World of Gardens

by John Dixon Hunt

A Japanese garden is immediately distinct to the eye from the traditional gardens of an English manor house, just as the manicured topiaries of Versailles contrast with the sharp cacti of the American Southwest. Though gardening is beloved the ...

ISBN: 9781861898807

Binding: Hardback




Gardeners and garden designers are having a love affair with agaves. It's easy to see whythey're low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and strikingly sculptural, with an astounding range of form and colour. Many species are strikingly variegated, ...

ISBN: 9781604691986

Binding: Hardback


Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias


"In this beautiful book, artist Zenaida Sengo has provided inspiration for designing and living with tillandsias." Flora GrubbAir Plants, by Zenaida Sengo shows how simple and rewarding it is to grow, craft, and design with these modern ...

ISBN: 9781604694895

Binding: Paperback


Allotment Manual

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

by P Peacock

This manual is essential for the budding or experienced allotment owner. Along with all the details for growing fruit and vegetables that one might expect from an allotment book, this manual also details some of the more advanced aspects of ...

ISBN: 9780857338570

Binding: Paperback


American Home Landscapes


While there's no shortage of information on restoring and maintaining the historical integrity of period homes, until now there has been no authoritative reference that provides comparable information for landscapes. American Home Landscapes is ...

ISBN: 9781604690408

Binding: Hardback


American Meadow Garden


If there's one lesson every homeowner must learn, it's this: The traditional lawn is a huge, time consuming, synthetic-chemical sucking mistake. The time has come to look for new ways to create friendly, spaces around our homes. In The American ...

ISBN: 9780881928716

Binding: Hardback


Anxious Gardener

by Quarto UK

ISBN: 9780711226630

Binding: Hardback


Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers


The Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers identifies the 100 most common gardening mistakes and gives gardeners the techniques to prevent them. Or, if it's too late and they've already goofed, there are tips to fix the mistake. The book's 24 ...

ISBN: 9781604692358

Binding: Paperback