Boost Your Brain

by Levy Joel

Switch on your brain with puzzles, tips and teasersImprove your memory and recall, develop cognitive skills and increase your brain power with Boost Your Brain. Ever find it difficult to remember where you left your keys or parked the car?

ISBN: 9781409324867

Binding: Paperback / softback


How to Remove a Brain: And Other Bizarre Medical Practices


Have you ever wondered How long it takes to digest chewing gum? What hiccups are for? Whether it's safe to fly with breast implants? Taking in everything from the outrageous (yes, Hitler was addicted to crystal meth) to the eye-watering (such as ...

ISBN: 9781849532501

Binding: Paperback / softback


No-Limit Texas Hold'em

A Complete Course

by Angel Largay

Thousands have paid big bucks to learn winning poker strategies from Angel Largay one of the worlds most consistent winners in maximum buy-in no-limit games. Now, Largay offers a wider audience his poker teaching expertise in No Limit Texas Holdem.

ISBN: 9781550227420

Binding: Paperback


Play and Win Mah-jong: Teach Yourself


by David Pritchard

This is an essential handbook for anyone new to the game of mahjong. It takes you from the very beginning - learning the rules, choosing a set (or playing online) through to advanced advice on strategy and gamesmanship. Each stage of play is ...

ISBN: 9781444197853

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Adlard Coles Nautical Puzzle Book Crosswords, code breakers, anagrams, riddles and brain-teasers for everyone

by Nic Compton

The Adlard Coles Nautical Puzzle Book is the ideal shipmate for all salty dogs, be they round-the-world racers, dinghy dabblers or armchair pirates. Small enough to stow away on the trimmest of decks, it's packed with 200 nautically-themed ...

ISBN: 9781472909121

Binding: Paperback


Why Do People Kiss the Blarney Stone?


Failte! Brew yourself a cuppa and settle in to discover...Why Do People Kiss The Blarney Stone? It's the closest you can feel to the Emerald Isle without boarding a plane! You'll tickle your noggin with spirited questions, including: How did a ...

ISBN: 9781440560057

Binding: Paperback Book


Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book

by Random House UK

For over fifty years, Doctor Who has been one of the nation's favourite programmes. Now you can discover just how much you know about it. Straightforward or fiendish, easy or horrendously difficult, all 3000 questions in this book have one thing ...

ISBN: 9781849907699

Binding: Book


Earn $30,000 Per Month Playing Online Poker

A Step-By-Step Guide to Single Table Tournaments

by Ryan Wiseman

This book is the only poker book available that caters specifically to online sit-n-go (SNG) single-table low-limit Texas Holdem tournaments. More importantly, it is the only poker book that guides the reader on a progressive path upward through ...

ISBN: 9781550227888

Binding: Paperback


Everything Large-Print TV Word Search Book


Even the most dedicated couch potato will want to turn off the TV and try these entertaining, challenging word search puzzles. Puzzle master Charles Timmerman provides word search fans with puzzles that cover every topic from classic favourites ...

ISBN: 9781440566837

Binding: Paperback


Puzzles and Words

by David Astle

Puzzles and Words is a medley of puzzles and surprising word stories in one pocket-sized volume from Australia's best-known wordsmith, David Astle.There are over 170 original brain teasers from anagrams to word pyramids to keep all levels and ...

ISBN: 9781743311035

Binding: Paperback


The 13-Storey Treehouse

by Andy Griffiths

Andy and Terry's 13-storey treehouse is the most amazing treehouse in the world! It's got a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of man-eating sharks, a giant catapult, a secret underground laboratory and a marshmallow ...

ISBN: 9780330404365

Binding: Paperback


The Book of Medieval Puzzles

by Tim Dedopulos

A fabulous range of puzzles, riddles, enigmas and conundrums that wil transport you back to the time of knghts, castles and sprawling empires.Challenge your perception and logic to a mental joust in a narrative that spans continents and centuries ...

ISBN: 9781743360699

Binding: Hardback


The Lost Art of Having Fun

286 Games to Enjoy with Family and Friends

by Gyles Brandreth & Saethryd Brandreth

One good thing about a recession is that we need to go back to making our own fun. THE LOST ART OF HAVING FUN picks out 150 games, guaranteed to make even the grumpiest child or adult laugh, and then with all kinds of interesting stories and ...

ISBN: 9781848549746

Binding: Hardback


Apology For The Woman Writing

by Jenny Diski

Marie de Gournay was eighteen when she read, and was overwhelmed by, the essays of the French philosopher Montaigne. She had to be revived with hellebore. When she finally met Montaigne, she stabbed herself with a hairpin until the blood ran in ...

ISBN: 9781844083855

Binding: Hardback


Little Red Book Of Gambling Wisdom

by Paul Lyons

From "Casablanca" to "The Hustler", from "Moby Dick" to "How I Made $1,000,000 Playing Poker", this title presents widely varied musings that address the entire range of human emotion - the highs of excitement of the "juice" down to the depths of ...

ISBN: 9781616083922

Binding: Hardback


The Telegraph All New Quick Crosswords 5

by Hachette Australia

This compilation of quick crosswords will delight and frustrate word fanatics. Challenge yourself and increase your vocabulary with these speedy brainteasers from the UK's best-selling quality newspaper.

ISBN: 9780600629405

Binding: Paperback


Daily Mail Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords Volume 5

by Hachette Australia

This bumper collection will have you flexing your analytical skills for hours on end with 200 brilliant but tormenting puzzles. Perfect for shocking your brain into gear, Daily Mail Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords 5 is an absorbing source of ...

ISBN: 9780600629511

Binding: Paperback


Everything Easy Large-Print Crosswords Book: Volume IV


Everything is bigger in this all new puzzle book the clues, the numbers, the grids even the answers! And each of these brand new crosswords helps readers improve vocabulary, memory, and problem solving skills. With clues ranging from beloved ...

ISBN: 9781440538865

Binding: Paperback


The Telegraph: All New Big Book of Cryptic Crosswords 4

by Hachette Australia

Cryptic crosswords from the Telegraph are the most popular around. This bumper collection of the nation's favourite puzzle will delight and frustrate in equal measure. They are perfect for a spare hour at home, but be warned: they are addictive!

ISBN: 9780600630142

Binding: Paperback


The Times Killer Su Doku Book 7

by Puzzler Media

The puzzles use the same 9x9 grid as Su Doku but with an added mathematical challenge. The aim is not only to complete every row, column and cube so that it contains the digits 1-9, it is also necessary to ensure that the outlined cubes add up to ...

ISBN: 9780007364541

Binding: Paperback