Ancients: Event Group Thriller 3

by Golemon David Lynn

The lost city of Atlantis is the stuff of legend . . . A vast treasure of secret knowledge and unimaginable wealth. An entire civilisation that disappeared for unknown reasons, forgotten in the mists of time. But now, battle lines are being drawn ...

ISBN: 9781405911986

Binding: Paperback



by Sebastian Faulks

A novel of overwhelming emotional power, Birdsong is a story of love, death, sex and survival. Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman, arrives in Amiens in northern France in 1910 to stay with the Azaire family, and falls in love with unhappily ...

ISBN: 9780099593454

Binding: Paperback / softback


Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

The hauntingly prophetic classic novel set in a not-too-distant future where books are burned by a special task force of firemen. FAHRENHEIT 451: THE TEMPERATURE AT WHICH BOOK PAPER CATCHES FIRE AND BURNS. Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to ...

ISBN: 9780006546061

Binding: Paperback


Farewell to Arms

by Ernest Hemingway

In 1918 Ernest Hemingway went to war, to the 'war to end all wars'. He volunteered for ambulance service in Italy, was wounded and twice decorated. Out of his experience came A Farewell to Arms. Hemingway's description of war is unforgettable.

ISBN: 9780099273974

Binding: Paperback


Good News, Bad News: A Scout Davis Investigation 1

by Maggie Groff

ANOTHER MADCAP EPISODE IN THE LIFE OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST (AND GUERRILA KNITTER) SCOUT DAVIS. When Hermione Longfellow accosts Scout in the supermarket, she stops to listen. Most people in Byron Bay know the eccentric Anemone sisters.

ISBN: 9781742613802

Binding: Paperback


J: A Novel

by Howard Jacobson

Shortlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize Set in the future - a world where the past is a dangerous country, not to be talked about or visited - J is a love story of incomparable strangeness, both tender and terrifying. Two people fall in love, ...

ISBN: 9780224102056

Binding: Book


The Blue Zone

by Andrew Gross

A breathtaking novel of suspense from the co-author of five bestselling James Patterson novels, including 'Judge and Jury' and 'Lifeguard'. THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE BLUE ZONE. They were the perfect family. And he was the perfect family man.

ISBN: 9780007242511

Binding: Paperback / softback


The Runaway Woman

by HarperCollins Publishers

Lucy lives a normal life in a normal street. Was she a fool or an angel to want to run away? Lucy Lovejoy married her childhood sweetheart at 16, but since then she's lost a little more of herself with each passing year. Those looking from the ...

ISBN: 9780007419951

Binding: Paperback


Windsor Faction, The

by Random House UK

'Terrific' Daily Mail 'Tremendous' Guardian 'Page-turning' The Times 'Gripping' Daily Telegraph Autumn 1939. In an alternative world, where Edward VIII still sits on the throne, storm clouds gather over Europe, German troops amass and a 'King's ...

ISBN: 9780099578895

Binding: Paperback


Zombie Apocalypse! Washington Deceased

by Stephen;Morton, Lisa Jones

A novel set within the Zombie Apocalypse! mythos created by Stephen Jones for his bestselling trilogy, Washington DC is sent during the second half of Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback, when the zombies' intelligence is increasing and they have formed ...

ISBN: 9781472110671

Binding: Paperback


Bodhisattva Blues

by Edward Canfor-Dumas

Ed is stuck in a rut - his part-time 'career' is going nowhere, his love life's a joke and his wallet's always empty. The thing about a rut, though, is at least you know where you are. So when Ed runs into an old acquaintance and is sucked into a ...

ISBN: 9781846044298

Binding: Paperback


Gurkha's Daughter

by Prajwal Parajuly

ISBN: 9781780872964

Binding: Paperback


Mayan Secrets: A Fargo Adventure The

by Cussler Clive & Perry Thomas

Mexico, present day: a revelation of precious knowledge from the past has the power to change the course of humanity's future. Treasure-hunting husband and wife team Sam and Remi Fargo are in Central America when they come upon a remarkable ...

ISBN: 9781405909945

Binding: Paperback


Wedding Gift, The

by Random House UK

Set in the Deep South pre Gone with the Wind and the Civil War, The Wedding Gift is a compelling and powerful story of slavery, abuse and passion. Perfect for fans of The Help. What if, on your wedding day, you were given your sister - as your slave?

ISBN: 9780099579984

Binding: Paperback


A Promise Kept

by Robin Lee Hatcher

God was going to save her marriage, Allison was sure of it. But neither her husband nor her marriage had been saved. What had become of His promise? Tony Kavanagh had been Allison's dream-come-true. They were in love within days, engaged within ...

ISBN: 9781401687656

Binding: Paperback / softback


Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues

by Diana Rowland

Angel Crawford is finally starting to get used to life as a brain-eating zombie, but her problems are far from over. Her felony record is coming back to haunt her, more zombie hunters are popping up, and she's beginning to wonder if her hunky ...

ISBN: 9781472116673

Binding: Paperback


Hannibal: Clouds of War

by Random House UK

As Rome's war with Carthage continues, two friends - now on opposing sides - confront each other in one of the most brutal sieges of all time. A new Hannibal novel by the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Legion series. 213 BC.

ISBN: 9780099580768

Binding: Paperback


In Zanesville: A Novel

by Jo Ann Beard

The beguiling fourteen-year-old narrator of IN ZANESVILLE is a late bloomer. She is used to flying under the radar-a sidekick, a third wheel, a marching band dropout, a disastrous babysitter, the kind of girl whose Eureka moment is the discovery ...

ISBN: 9780316084475

Binding: Hardback


King and Maxwell: King and Maxwell Book 6

by David Baldacci

"Michelle had chased many things in her life. As a track star and later Olympic rower, she had constantly pitted herself against others in races. As a cop in Tennessee she had run down her share of felons fleeing the scenes of their crimes.

ISBN: 9781447229919

Binding: Paperback


Secret of the Nagas, The

by Amish

ISBN: 9781780874043

Binding: Paperback