Mathematics for Elementary Teachers a Contemporary Approach 9E

by Gary L. Musser, Blake E. Peterson & William F. Burger

When students truly understand the mathematical concepts, it's magic. Students who use this text are motivated to learn mathematics. They become more confident and are better able to appreciate the beauty and excitement of the mathematical world.

ISBN: 9780470531341

Binding: Hardback


Oxford School Shakespeare Macbeth

by William Shakespeare & Roma Gill

Macbeth, in the popular Oxford School Shakespeare series, updated with a fresh new look.Macbeth is one of the most popular texts for study by secondary students the world over. This edition includes illustrations, preliminary notes, reading lists ...

ISBN: 9780198324003

Binding: Paperback


Passing Exams for Dummies, Second Edition

by Patrick Sherratt

Release your potential and get better exam results Do you panic at the thought of exams? Do you think you're just not the academic type? No matter how old you are, exams can be stressfulbut they don't need to be. This essential guide provides ...

ISBN: 9780730304425

Binding: Paperback


Word Comix Poems

by Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith's "shimmering energy" (Mary Oliver) pushes against the barriers of imagination and the American language. Taking as his starting point such wide-ranging subjects as comic books, politics, romantic love, geology, newspapers, ...

ISBN: 9780393067620

Binding: Hardback


Cycles In Nature: Plant Life

by Theresa Greenaway

This detailed guide to the life cycle of plants studies how plants grow and reproduce before examining how human activity can interfere with the natural process. Packed with detailed photographs and diagrams it provides both clear and fascinating ...

ISBN: 9780750280815

Binding: Paperback / softback


Lsat for Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott Hatch & Amy Hackney Blackwell

A detailed study guide that guarantees a high LSAT score If you thought you left standardized tests back in high school, think again. LSAT For Dummies, 2rd Edition is an all-inclusive study guide arming you with tips and know-how for your next ...

ISBN: 9781118678053

Binding: Paperback / softback


Obesity Paradox: When Thinner Means Sicker and Heavier Means Healthier The

by Lavie Carl J.

Most of us think that longevity hinges on maintaining a normal Body Mass Index. But research conducted over the last decade hit the media in January with explosive news: Overweight and even moderately obese people with certain chronic diseases - ...

ISBN: 9781925106039

Binding: Paperback / softback


Oxford School Shakespeare Hamlet

by William Shakespeare & Roma Gill

Hamlet, in the popular Oxford School Shakespeare series, updated with a fresh new look.Hamlet is one of the most popular texts for study by secondary students the world over. This edition includes illustrations, preliminary notes, reading lists ...

ISBN: 9780198328704

Binding: Paperback


Saving Higher Education

The Integrated, Competency-based Three-year Bachelor's Degree Program

by Martin J. Bradley, Robert H. Seidman & Steven R. Painchaud

Colleges and universities are under pressure from the government, students, and parents to make higher education more efficient and cost-effective. Based on Southern New Hampshire University?s highly successful competency-based three-year ...

ISBN: 9780470888193

Binding: Hardback


World Poetry an Anthology of Verse From Antiquity to Our Time

by Fadiman

This long-awaited, indispensable volume contains more than 1600 poems drawn from dozens of languages and cultures, and spans a period of more than 4000 years from ancient Sumer and Egypt to the late twentieth century. World Poetry encompasses the ...

ISBN: 9780393041309

Binding: Hardback


Early Years Display

by Alistair Bryce-Clegg

Learning opportunities in the early years need to be child-led and child-centered and yet many settings still insist on creating displays that are created by adults or for adults or which have involved children putting together pre-prepared ...

ISBN: 9781408155486

Binding: Paperback / softback


Einstein's Mistakes the Human Failings of Genius

by Hans C. Ohanian

Fresh insights into aspects of Einstein we don't usually consider: his mistakes and the role they played in the discovery of his theories. Although Einstein was the greatest genius of the twentieth century, many of his ground-breaking discoveries ...

ISBN: 9780393062939

Binding: Hardback


Lift the Flap Atlas

by Alex Firth

Children can explore the world one flap at a time with this colorful new atlas. With a page for each continent, children will love lifting the flaps to discover the interesting animals, buildings, foods and cultures that they would find there.

ISBN: 9780746098479

Binding: Hardback


Todd Lammle's Ccna/Ccent Ios Commands Survival Guide

Exams 100-101, 200-101, and 200-120

by Todd Lammle

Your Guide to CCENT and CCNA IOS Commands This book is an ideal supplement to Todd Lammle’s CCENT and CCNA Study Guides, and a great quick reference for any Cisco networking administrator. Covering IOS version 15, each chapter begins with a ...

ISBN: 9781118820049

Binding: Paperback / softback


Big Questions, Worthy Dreams

Mentoring Emerging Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith, Revised Edition

by Sharon Daloz Parks

Building on the foundation she established with her ground-breakingbook, The Critical Years, Parks invites us to take up responsibility for providing thoughtful mentorship and mentoring environments during the wilderness years of young adulthood.

ISBN: 9780470903797

Binding: Hardback


Once Upon an If ...

by Peter Worley

Oral storytelling is a powerful medium for inspiring children's imaginations, encouraging philosophical thinking and improving speaking and listening skills. This book offers a complete guide to the art of bringing a story to life; offering ...

ISBN: 9781441118141

Binding: Paperback


Publics for Public Schools

Legitimacy, Democracy, and Leadership

by Kathleen Knight Abowitz

This book articulates a path for a renewed conception of-and commitment to-the public dimensions of schooling. It is an interdisciplinary book of philosophy and politics, written for educational leaders working in or on behalf of public schooling.

ISBN: 9781612052441

Binding: Paperback


Tools for Teaching, Second Edition

by Barbara Gross Davis

This is the long-awaited update on the bestselling book that offers a practical, accessible reference manual for faculty in any discipline. This new edition contains up-to-date information on technology as well as expanding on the ideas and ...

ISBN: 9780787965679

Binding: Paperback


Annotated Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

A sumptuous new edition of the great American novel. "All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn," Ernest Hemingway once declared. First published in 1885, the book has delighted millions of readers, ...

ISBN: 9780393020397

Binding: Hardback


I Just Want to Do It My Way! Activity Guide for Teachers

Classroom Ideas for Teaching the Skills of Asking for Help and Staying on Task

by Julia Cook

More than 20 easy-to-follow activities and games to help your students learn how and when to use steps to the I Just Want to Do It My Way! skills of "Staying on Task" and "Asking for Help." The activities range from individual quiet work, such as ...

ISBN: 9781934490457

Binding: Paperback