Authentic Norwegian Cooking

by Astrid Karlsen Scott

Authentic Norwegian Cooking is sure to become a bible for the Norwegian cuisine on this continent. Scandinavian...

ISBN: 9781616082178

Binding: Hardback


Eat With Love:Middle Eastern Cooking


ISBN: 9781742575360

Binding: Hardback


Modern Buffet Presentation

by Carol Murphy Clyne, Vincent Clyne & The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

How to build extraordinary, memorable, and profitable buffets, from acclaimed experts The ability to plan and execute a successful buffet is an essential skill for foodservice professionals in the rapidly growing realm of catering and special ...

ISBN: 9780470587843

Binding: Hardback



by Dean Brettschneider

There is nothing quite like the taste and aroma of warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven bread baked in your own kitchen. In this irresistible collection of bread recipes from Global Baker Dean Brettschneider, you'll find breads to match any occasion - ...

ISBN: 9780143571117

Binding: Paperback


Fish and Shellfish

by Random House UK

Rick Stein's lifelong passion for cooking fish and shellfish has formed the foundation of his award-winning restaurants and taken him around the world, discovering innovative new recipes, exciting ingredients and the best preparation techniques.

ISBN: 9781849908450

Binding: Hardback


Smart Cookie

Transform Store-Bought Cookies Into Amazing Treats

by Perseus

Its fun to bake, but its really fun to decorate! Smart Cookie includes 50 projects and shows you how to enjoy all the fun and creativity of decorating by taking store-bought cookies and ingredients and assembling them into ...

ISBN: 9780762452521

Binding: Paperback


Silk Series-Vietnamese

by Emily Nguyen

ISBN: 9781742575513

Binding: Hardback


Jamie Oliver's Food Tube: The BBQ Book


Jamie has personally chosen his favourite subjects for this Food Tube series, DJ BBQ's BBQ recipes fulfil Jamie's high food standards of quality, flavour and fun. DJ BBQ's top BBQ set up advice, cooking techniques and collection of exciting ...

ISBN: 9780718179182

Binding: Paperback / softback


Silk Series-Indonesian

by Chandra Mae

ISBN: 9781742575520

Binding: Hardback


Art of Eating Well, The

by Jasmine/Hemsley, Melissa Hemsley

The Art of Eating Well is a revolutionary cookbook that will help anyone who wishes to feel better, lose weight or have more energy. London-based sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley teach their principles of life-long healthy eating with exciting ...

ISBN: 9780091958329

Binding: Hardback


Margaret Fulton:Slow Cooking


ISBN: 9781742575803

Binding: Paperback


Silk Series-Chinese

by Ling Linda

ISBN: 9781742575537

Binding: Hardback


Deliciously Decorative Cookies

Easy to make cookie creations

by Sally Milner Publishing

Discover the art of cookie decorating in this beautifully presented collection of projects. For bakers of all skill levels, this delightful book features 50 projects to try with a wide range of different decorating techniques: elegant cookies ...

ISBN: 9781863514682

Binding: Paperback


Homemade Patisserie


ISBN: 9781742575926

Binding: Paperback


James Halliday's Wine Atlas new ed

by James Halliday

ISBN: 9781742703961

Binding: Hardback


Vibrant Table, The

by Anya Kassoff

Walk with Anya Kassoff through farmers' markets, local food shops, and her garden and you too will start to see fresh fruit and vegetables as the raw materials for artistic expression. Rose petal and honey sundaes, lemongrass and raspberry ...

ISBN: 9781611800975

Binding: Hardback


Little Italy: Italian Finger Food

by Nicole Herft

ISBN: 9781742707716

Binding: Hardback


Supercharged Food Eat your way to health.

by Lee Holmes

Supercharged Food is a simple and inspiring guide to eating for optimum health. It features more than 90 recipes that are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free, each bursting with nutrient-rich or 'super' foods that will help nourish and ...

ISBN: 9781742663159

Binding: Paperback / softback


Bombay Lunchbox

by Frances Lincoln

Carolyn's collection of sweet and savoury vegetarian recipes for lunch, afternoon tea or any snack eaten between breakfast and dinner, will appeal to anyone who loves India and Indian food. Bombay Lunchbox is illustrated with modern photographs ...

ISBN: 9780711233836

Binding: Hardback


Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

by Suzanne Pollak & Lee Manigault

ISBN: 9781617690860

Binding: Hardback