Art of Mindful Gardening

by T&H UK Distributed

ISBN: 9781907332593

Binding: Paperback


Buddhism for Couples A calm approach to being in a relationship

by Sarah Napthali

Every now and then - not very often - we meet a woman who has mastered the art of being in a couple, who has managed to keep the flame alive long after the honeymoon period and well into the trials of parenting. Sarah Napthali is not one of these ...

ISBN: 9781743318102

Binding: Paperback


How to Find Your Spirit Animal

by David Carson

ISBN: 9781780288178

Binding: Paperback


Intimacy and Solitude How to give love and receive it

by Stephanie Dowrick

Why do we behave as we do - if it doesn't get us what we want? Can we balance our needs for closeness and for independence? Can we understand our emotional history - and go beyond it? How do we negotiate our needs with those of other people?

ISBN: 9781760111472

Binding: Paperback


Psychic Intelligence

Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition

by Linda Jamison & Terry Jamison

They have amazed audiences all over the world with their incredibly accurate predictions of global events, including earthquakes, terrorist threats, and, famously, the events of September 11, 2001. They've also worked one-on-one with countless ...

ISBN: 9780446563413

Binding: Paperback


Raw Can Cure Cancer

...and set a World Record of 366 Consecutive Marathons

by Brolga Publishing

This is the story of one woman who could be any woman: she could be you or your wife or your sister or your mother. She is given one diagnosis, one choice - until the realisation sinks in: there are untold options, unlimited potential.

ISBN: 9781922175540

Binding: Paperback


You Can Create an Exceptional Life

by Hay Louise L & Richardson Cheryl

ISBN: 9781401935405

Binding: Paperback / softback


All Joy and No Fun

The Paradox of Modern Parenthood

by Jennifer Senior

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Senior tries to tackle the issue of the effects of children on their parents, isolating and analysing the many ways in which children reshape their parents' lives, whether it's their marriages, their jobs, their ...

ISBN: 9780349005515

Binding: Paperback / softback


Dream Alchemy

The Ultimate Guide to interpreting your dreams

by Jane Teresa Anderson

Your dreams contain wisdom and insight about your waking life - that's why they are so important. Using DREAM ALCHEMY you can discover the meaning of your dreams and nightmares and then apply the dream alchemy practices to create positive life ...

ISBN: 9780733622939

Binding: Paperback


I Ching in Plain English

by George Hulskramer

ISBN: 9780285636897

Binding: Paperback


Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts and Food - The Ultimate Diet

by Hay House

ISBN: 9781401942861

Binding: Paperback


Secret of Secrets: The Path Beyond All Religions

by Osho

ISBN: 9781780289977

Binding: Hardback


You Are the Placebo: Meditation 2

by Hay House

ISBN: 9781401944599

Binding: Paperback


Your Chinese Horoscope 2015: What the Year of the Sheep Holds in StoreFor You

by HarperCollins Publishers

The year 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Goat - what will this mean for you? The ancient art of Chinese astrology, which predates the Western zodiac, is a detailed system of divination that has been in use in the Orient for thousands of years.

ISBN: 9780007544516

Binding: Paperback



The Goddess Test (MP3)

by Audible/Bolinda Audio

Become immortal or die trying.ecome immortal or die trying.It's always been just Kate and her mom and her mother is dying. Her last wish? To move back to her childhood home. So Kate's going to start at a new school with no friends, no other ...

ISBN: 9781486222919

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

The Map of Heaven

by Pan Macmillan Australia

When neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander published Proof of Heaven, his account of his near-death experience, he was contacted by a large number of readers: some argued that his account was impossible to believe; but others wrote to share their own ...

ISBN: 9781743519882

Binding: Paperback


Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

by Dyer Dr Wayne

ISBN: 9781401937287

Binding: Paperback


Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions

by Hay House

ISBN: 9781401947095

Binding: Paperback


Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

by Moorjani Anita

ISBN: 9781401937539

Binding: Paperback