12 Years a Slave

by Northup Solomon

A film tie-in edition of this eloquent and powerful memoir, to accompany the major new film starring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor.Perhaps the best written of all the slave narratives, Twelve Years a Slave is a harrowing ...

ISBN: 9780141393827

Binding: Paperback


King Lear

by William Shakespeare

King Lear is Shakespeare's bleakest and profoundest tragedy, a searing dramatization of humankind at the edge of apocalypse that explores the family and the nature of being with passion, poetry, and dark humor.Under the editorial supervision of ...

ISBN: 9780812969115

Binding: Book


Tand; Theatre and Architectur

by Rufford J.

ISBN: 9780230218727

Binding: Paperback


Art in Time

by Alexander Bailey Gauvin & Rider Alistair

An essential guide to 150 of the most significant styles and movements that have shaped art history through time, from the present day to Greek antiquity. Art in Time is the first survey that embeds styles, schools and movements within the ...

ISBN: 9780714867373

Binding: Hardback


Hagar the Horrible (The Epic Chronicles)

Dailies 1980-81

by Dik Browne

Since his first appearance in 1973 Hagar has appeared in nearly two thousand newspapers in fifty-eight countries. Titan continues to collect the strip of this legendary cartoon! For the first time ever, the continuing epic quests of Hagar the ...

ISBN: 9781781167151

Binding: Hardback


Capturing Music the Story of Notation

by Thomas Forrest Kelly

ISBN: 9780393064964

Binding: Hardback


Surreal Things Surrealism and Design

by Ghislaine Wood

From the sensuality of Dali's Mae West Lips sofa to Schiaparelli's dramatic Tear dress, Surrealism produced some of the most extraordinary objects ever created. Now available in paperback, this book examines the movement's impact on the wider ...

ISBN: 9781851775019

Binding: Paperback


DJing for Dummies 3E

by John Steventon

DJ like a pro?without skipping a beat The bestselling guide to spinning and scratching is back! If you've ever spent hours in your bedroom with two turntables and an earful of tracks that sound off-beat or out of key, DJing For Dummies is the ...

ISBN: 9781118937280

Binding: Paperback


Horst: Photographer of Style

by Susanna Brown

Published to accompany a headline exhibition at the V&A, this book is the definitive celebration of the extraordinary photographic career of Horst P. Horst (1906-99). One of Vogue's most prolific and creative contributors, Horst worked in Paris ...

ISBN: 9781851778010

Binding: Hardback


Art Nouveau Fashion

by Clare Rose

The Art Nouveau movement overlapped with late Arts and Crafts in the 1890s and early modernism in the 1910s, combining the exquisite workmanship and natural forms of the former with the innovative materials, forms and practices associated with ...

ISBN: 9781851778027

Binding: Hardback


Humans of New York

by Brandon Stanton

Now an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, Humans of New York began in the summer of 2010, when photographer Brandon Stanton set out to create a photographic census of New York City. Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, ...

ISBN: 9781250038821

Binding: Hardback


Rustic Wedding Handbook


The beauty of a rustic wedding is its versatility and all the creativity that it invites. Drawing on the wonderful ambiance of a natural, rustic setting and expressing personal style in a less traditional fashion is an exciting opportunity for ...

ISBN: 9781423634614

Binding: Paperback


The Handbook of Interior Design

by Jo Ann Asher Thompson

The Handbook of Interior Design explores ways of thinking that inform the discipline of interior design.It challenges readers to consider the connections within theory, research, and practice and the critical underpinnings that have shaped ...

ISBN: 9781444336283

Binding: Hardback


Last Fisherman: Witness to the Engangered Oceans


ISBN: 9780789211910

Binding: Hardback


Vintage Ephemera from the Collection of Cavallini and Co


Cavalinni is one of the best-known companies for high-quality gift and stationery products. They have been producing everything from calendars to wrapping papers for 25 years. Designs are based on ephemera from all walks of life - charming ...

ISBN: 9781423633648

Binding: Hardback


Art of Things: Product Design Since 1945


ISBN: 9780789212085

Binding: Hardback


Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast


Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings in the Midwest and on the East Coast have been well documented, but his work on the West Coast has not been thoroughly covered in print until now. Between 1909 and 1959, Wright designed a total of 36 structures on ...

ISBN: 9781423634478

Binding: Hardback


Lena Finkle''s Magic Barrel: A Graphic Novel

by Ulinich Anya

Anya Ulinich turns her sharp eye toward the strange, often unmooring world of 'grown-up' dating in this darkly comic graphic novel. After her fifteen-year marriage ends, Lena Finkle gets an eye-opening education in love, sex, and loss when she ...

ISBN: 9780143125242

Binding: Paperback


I Love Handmade Books

Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Beautiful Handmade Books

by Charlotte Rivers

Bursting at the seams with a variety of wonderfully eclectic examples, the book explores the intriguing creative possibilities of book-making as an art form, featuring a wide range of bindings, materials, and ...

ISBN: 9781909342651

Binding: Hardback


The Faber Pocket Guide to Ballet

by Deborah;Jennings, Luke Bull

The essential, easy-to-use classical ballet guide - spanning nearly two centuries of classical dance - with entries for more than eighty works from ballet companies around the world. This new edition has been revised to include new ballets by ...

ISBN: 9780571309740

Binding: Paperback