12 Years a Slave

by Northup Solomon

A film tie-in edition of this eloquent and powerful memoir, to accompany the major new film starring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor.Perhaps the best written of all the slave narratives, Twelve Years a Slave is a harrowing ...

ISBN: 9780141393827

Binding: Paperback


Richard Estes

by Chase Linda & Estes Richard

Icons of contemporary American realism, the works of Richard Estes have established him as one of the pre-eminent realist painters of his generation. Photorealism emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s, deliberately flouting the prevailing ...

ISBN: 9780714861395

Binding: Hardback


Jackson Pollock

by Harrison Helen

The pioneering drip technique of Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956) introduced the notion of Action Painting, where the canvas became the space with which the artist would actively engage. Reminiscent of the Surrealist notions of the subconscious and ...

ISBN: 9780714861500

Binding: Hardback


The Comic Offense from Vaudeville to Contemporary Comedy Larry David, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, and Dave Chappelle

by Rick DesRochers

The Comic Offense from Vaudeville to Contemporary Comedy examines how contemporary writer/performers are influenced by the comedic vaudevillians of the early 20th century. By tracing the history and legacy of the vaudeville era and performance ...

ISBN: 9781441160874

Binding: Paperback



by Jeffrey Brown

Written by Jeffrey Brown AIA, Tiltwallism is designed to be an introductory resource to architects and an inspiration to contractors, developers and structural consultants who have encountered the technology of Tilt Wall construction.  The ...

ISBN: 9781864705751

Binding: Hardback


21st-Century Art Book The

by Trigg David & Williams Eliza

A complement to the landmark The Art Book, The 21st-Century Art Book is an accessible guide to best contemporary art made since 2000. Showcasing over 280 artists in alphabetical order, it place established figures like Jeff Wall, Marlene Dumas ...

ISBN: 9780714867397

Binding: Hardback


Art in Time

by Alexander Bailey Gauvin & Rider Alistair

An essential guide to 150 of the most significant styles and movements that have shaped art history through time, from the present day to Greek antiquity. Art in Time is the first survey that embeds styles, schools and movements within the ...

ISBN: 9780714867373

Binding: Hardback


Hagar the Horrible (The Epic Chronicles) - Dailies 1980-81

by Dik Browne

ISBN: 9781781167151

Binding: Hardback


World Film Locations: New York

by Scott Jordan Harris

ISBN: 9781841504827

Binding: Paperback


Alex Katz: Revised and Updated

by Ratcliff Carter & Blazwick Iwona

Alex Katz first emerged on the New York art scene during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism and before the birth of Pop art, but always worked independently of these movements. Katz is best known for his distinctive portraits of sophisticated, ...

ISBN: 9780714867403

Binding: Hardback


Caterina and the Lemonade Stand

by Eitter Erin

Caterina loves big, creative projects, like planning a lemonade stand - the perfect summer pastime. But everybody else seems to have the same idea. How can she make her stand truly stand out? . Leave it to artistic Caterina (and her younger ...

ISBN: 9780803739031

Binding: Hardback


Montsalvat The intimate story of an Australian artists' colony

by Sigmund Jrgensen

In the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table Montsalvat is the home of the Holy Grail. Australia's Montsalvat is an artists' colony in Eltham, established by the architect and artist Justus Jorgensen in 1934. It is home to over ...

ISBN: 9781743312728

Binding: Paperback


Surreal Things Surrealism and Design

by Ghislaine Wood

From the sensuality of Dali's Mae West Lips sofa to Schiaparelli's dramatic Tear dress, Surrealism produced some of the most extraordinary objects ever created. Now available in paperback, this book examines the movement's impact on the wider ...

ISBN: 9781851775019

Binding: Paperback


Art Nouveau Fashion

by Clare Rose

The Art Nouveau movement overlapped with late Arts and Crafts in the 1890s and early modernism in the 1910s, combining the exquisite workmanship and natural forms of the former with the innovative materials, forms and practices associated with ...

ISBN: 9781851778027

Binding: Hardback


Humans of New York

by Brandon Stanton

Now an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, Humans of New York began in the summer of 2010, when photographer Brandon Stanton set out to create a photographic census of New York City. Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, ...

ISBN: 9781250038821

Binding: Hardback


Art and Electronic Media

by Shanken Edward A & Hooper Adam

As accessibility and understanding of electronic media grow, its use by artists has become both widespread and increasingly instrumental in the latest developments in contemporary art. A comprehensive, timely international survey that addresses ...

ISBN: 9780714868585

Binding: Paperback


Clara Button and the Wedding Day Surprise

by de la Haye

After the postman delivers their invitation to a wedding, Clara and Ollie begin careful preparations. Clara imagines what the bride might wear, and might have worn in the past, but disaster strikes the night before the big event! Can Ollie and ...

ISBN: 9781851778065

Binding: Paperback


John Constable The Making of a Master

by John Evans

The remarkable naturalism of John Constable's paintings has always been acknowledged, and his 'vivid and timeless' (as he called them) oil sketches have been celebrated since the 1890s as precursors of Impressionism, modernism and photographic ...

ISBN: 9781851778003

Binding: Hardback


Key Concepts for the Fashion Industry

by Andrew Reilly

Key Concepts for the Fashion Industry is the first concise and accessible overview of fashion theories for students on any fashion course. Providing an easy understanding of the core concepts, from scarcity to conformity, this book offers clear, ...

ISBN: 9780857853653

Binding: Paperback / softback


Sigur Ros's ( )

by Ethan Hayden

Words like inspiring, expansive, and moving are regularly used to describe Sigur Rs' ( ), and yet the only words heard on the record itself are a handful of meaningless nonsense syllables. The album had no title - or rather its title was no ...

ISBN: 9781623568924

Binding: Paperback