Emerald: 21 Centuries of Jewelled Opulence and Power

by Jonathan Self

ISBN: 9780500517208

Binding: Hardback


Label Art of the Chinese World, 1890-1976


Enticing, eye catching, and artistic, the graphic art of product labels from years past also offers clues to understanding the contemporary culture and ways of life of everyday consumers. Here is a showcase of remarkable packaging and ...

ISBN: 9780764340314

Binding: Hardback


Shooter''s Bible Guide to Extreme Iron

by Stan Skinner

Provides information for aweinspiring weapons, such as: hand cannons, also known as "howdah pistols," which were used on the Indian subcontinent by tiger hunters on elephants' backs; and ultra big bore snipers, the roots of which reach back to ...

ISBN: 9781626360143

Binding: Paperback


Bookends: Objects of Art and Fashion


Over 350 vivid colour photos and engaging text reveal that bookends have been a medium of art from the turn of the twentieth century to today. The photos illustrate 350 pairs of bookends from principal art styles, and the research places them in

ISBN: 9780764341687

Binding: Hardback


Florida Kitsch


ISBN: 9780764309441

Binding: Paperback


Metal Patination Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

by Matt Runfola

ISBN: 9780500517390

Binding: Hardback


Collect Contemporary Photography

by Jocelyn Phillips

ISBN: 9780500288542

Binding: Paperback


Cartier (2nd Edition)

by Hans Nadelhoffer

ISBN: 9780500513613

Binding: Hardback


New Attitude: an Adult Paper Doll Book


81 colour illustrations You'll love this new deluxe edition of an underground classic. Meet 37 outrageous, sexy, glamorous swinging singles and socialites at a fabulous Manhattan cocktail party hosted by "Aunt Mary." A parade of gay and lesbian ...

ISBN: 9780764329852

Binding: Hardback


Guns of the Old West

An Illustrated Reference Guide to Antique Firearms

by Charles Edward Chapel

Reprint. Originally published by Coward-McCann in 1961. ...

ISBN: 9781620873625

Binding: Paperback


Gold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago

by Anne Richter

ISBN: 9789814260381

Binding: Hardback


Oriental Rug Repair: Step-by-Step Reknotting, Reconstruction,care

by Peter F Stone

ISBN: 9780500515211

Binding: Paperback


Cabinets of Curiosities

by Patrick Mauries

ISBN: 9780500515945

Binding: Paperback


Crown Lynn Collector''s Handbook

by Monk Valerie

Seasoned Crown Lynn devotees and new collectors alike will find plenty to asist their endeavours in this comprehensive guide to New Zealand's iconic pottery range. A - Z listings of more than 300 Crown Lynn products include photographs of ...

ISBN: 9780143565482

Binding: Paperback


20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style

by Stefano Papi

ISBN: 9780500516874

Binding: Hardback


Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900


Updated with nearly 30 high-quality vintage images, the second edition of this lavishly illustrated book provides irrefutable documentation of ladies' fashions worn in Victorian America from 1860 to 1900. Extensively researched using ...

ISBN: 9780764339721

Binding: Paperback


Vintage and Antiques Fairs of England

by Sandy Price

England is home to many excellent vintage and antiques fairs, from sprawling events attracting buyers from around the world to smaller local markets, from high-end affairs selling fine furniture, porcelain, silver and paintings to more modest ...

ISBN: 9780711233416

Binding: Paperback


Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany

by Martin Eidelburg

ISBN: 9780865652965

Binding: Hardback


Beatles: Yesterday and Tomorrow: A Collectors Guide to Beatles Memorabilia


ISBN: 9780764308529

Binding: Paperback


Books of Hours: a miniature edition of some of the most exquisite medieval manuscripts

by Phaidon Editors

A miniature edition of some of the most exquisite medieval manuscripts. Produced in a pocket-sized, jacketed-paperback format, Phaidon's Miniature Editions make ideal gifts and desirable possessions. Each book features a wealth of finely ...

ISBN: 9780714834641

Binding: Paperback