A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology 1450 to 2000

by Peter Beal

In the first dictionary of its kind a leading expert on English manuscripts defines some 1,500 terms, including types of manuscript, their physical features, writing implements, writing surfaces, scribes, scripts, postal markings, and seals, as ...

ISBN: 9780199576128

Binding: Paperback / softback


Metal Patination Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

by Matthew Runfola

Written by a leading authority on the subject of patination, this book is an inspirational resource, a how-to guide, and a book that jewelers have long been waiting for. It is neatly organized by metal for ease of access and then arranged by ...

ISBN: 9780500517390

Binding: Hardback


Miller's Collectables Handbook & Price Guide 2014-2015

The Indispensable Guide to What It's Really Worth!

by Judith Miller & Mark Hill

Miller's Collectables Handbook 2014-2015 is the up-to-date guide to the collectables market. Featuring more than 4,000 objects in full colour, each with a detailed description and current price range, the book also offers what those in the know ...

ISBN: 9781845337308

Binding: Paperback


Miller's Movie Collectibles

by Barbara Franchi & Rudy Franchi

This book is a comprehensive guide to the ever-popular area of collecting, focusing on movie posters. It is divided into genres such as film noir, Disney and other animation, movie stars, James Bond and Star Wars, and follows the progression of ...

ISBN: 9780753723661

Binding: Hardback


Scent Bottles

by Alexandra Walker

Perfume has been used in religious ceremony and also in medicine, for it was believed to have the power to ward off illness. Elaborately chased silver pomanders were carried during times of plague. This book traces the history of the scent bottle ...

ISBN: 9780852639092

Binding: Paperback / softback


Art Deco Jewelry: Modernist Masterworks and Their Makers

by Evelyne Posseme

ISBN: 9780500514771

Binding: Hardback


Match Day Pocket Edition: Official Football Programmes, Post-War

by Bob Stanley

ISBN: 9780955862014

Binding: Paperback / softback


Miller's Sci-fi and Fantasy Collectibles

by Phil Ellis

Following an introduction to the subject of collecting sci-fi and fantasy, the book is divided into the main types of collectible, such as comics and annuals, movie posters and ephemera. Within these chapters are further sub-sections highlighting ...

ISBN: 9780753723654

Binding: Hardback


Toy Steam Engines

by Bob Gordon

Offers a survey of the different kinds of toy steam engines of the stationary type, and especially those produced during the heyday of steam toys between 1900 and 1930. This book explains how the engines work, gives advice about operating and ...

ISBN: 9780852637753

Binding: Paperback


English Drinking Glasses, 1675-1825

by L.M. Bickerton

In 1675, George Ravenscroft invented the lead glass formula which was to transform glass selling in England. This book explores the variety of drinking glasses, from the heavy balusters pre-dating 1700 to the faceted stems of around 1800, which ...

ISBN: 9780852636619

Binding: Paperback


Oriental Rug Repair: Step-by-Step Reknotting, Reconstruction,care

by Peter F Stone

ISBN: 9780500515211

Binding: Paperback / softback


Cabinets of Curiosities

by Patrick Mauries

ISBN: 9780500515945

Binding: Hardback


World as Sculpture, The


ISBN: 9780701168827

Binding: Hardback


20th Century Jewelry and the Icons of Style

by Stefano Papi

ISBN: 9780500516874

Binding: Hardback


DeVilbiss Perfume Bottles: 1907 to 1968


The first-ever complete guide to collecting and understanding the perfume bottles and related vanity products produced by DeVilbiss, the world's foremost manufacturer of the 20th century. This expansive volume tells the tale of a truly remarkable ...

ISBN: 9780764345760

Binding: Hardback


Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks


ISBN: 9780257657820

Binding: Hardback


Tiffany Timepieces

by John Loring

During the 1860s and 1870s, "Tiffany Timers," as they were called, were made at Tiffany's own Geneva manufacturing shops along with the superb watches it imported as the exclusive American representative of Patek Philippe. They were an instant ...

ISBN: 9780810955929

Binding: Hardback


About Modern Art:

by David Sylvester

About Modern Art is the long-awaited collection of David Sylvester's essays on twentieth-century artists. This is not dry, remote, academic criticism: it has an immediacy and passion which leave one with an inspiring sense of the relevance and ...

ISBN: 9780712605632

Binding: Paperback / softback



by Christoph Niemann

"I LEGO N.Y." is a book of LEGO depictions of New York City created by designer and illustrator Christoph Niemann. One day, Niemann wrote the following on Abstract City, his "New York Times" blog: 'During the cold and dark Berlin winter days, I ...

ISBN: 9780810984905

Binding: Board Book


Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking

by Michael Clerizo

ISBN: 9780500514856

Binding: Hardback